China University Matriculation Program Study in China - Pre University

China University Matriculation Program (CUMP) 中国大学预科


1. Background of China University Matriculation Program (CUMP)中国大学预科
With the collaboration and support from Jiangsu Education Association for International Exchange, Global Institute of Software Technology (GIST) of Suzhou China and Penang Chung Ling High School Board of Directors has jointly started and run a matriculation program for Malaysia SPM (or equivalent qualification) students who wish to pursue further education in China universities.
This matriculation program will serve as a direct Pre-U entry qualification into 820 China universities that have been accredited by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) to enable Malaysian students to seek high quality tertiary education in China and uphold the promotion of Chinese scientific, cultural   knowledge and skills with the aims to cultivate students’ appreciation of Chinese culture, art and for common development for a better future.. 
2. Matriculation course description

The rise of China, attracting millions of foreigners to travel, visit, study and work in China. China's 5,000 years of culture, abundant native's value preservation and coupled with rapid development and the innovative modern technology,state of art  infrastructures, cosmopolitan cities and international exchanges, are all very worthwhile for students to further education in China.

In the last decade, China has been a hotspot and preferred study destination for international students.  With the introduction of English medium MBBS program in 2004, the number of international students study in China have been soaring high and China is now ranked 3rd largest host country for international students after US and UK.

This matriculation course is specifically designed for university entrance examination in China and fully prepares students to participate in China's college entrance exams, and through the design of the various project activities, enhance their internationalization capabilities and communication skills to enroll in the university for the future and preparation of talent with international vision.

Students who registered for CUMP courses in GIST International College Suzhou campus required to study in China for full time one year duration. Upon graduation with required entry requirement, graduated students can freely to choose to enroll in any of the 820 Chinese universities recognized by the Government of Malaysia. 
The diverse departments and variety of degree courses offered by Chinese universities will provide broader education pipeline for students to choose the right subject they interested. In addition, students with high merit result will be arranged for entrance interview into top and outstanding universities in China.

3. Enrollment (Guidelines for University admission)

a. With the support and promotion by Jiangsu Education Association for International Exchange, Global Institute of Software Technology (GIST) of Suzhou China and Penang Chung Ling High School Board of Directors has jointly started and run a matriculation program for Malaysia SPM (or equivalent qualification) students who wish to pursue further education in 820 China Universities that accredited by MQA of Malaysia.

After Completion of one year of pre-university courses, students are free to choose to enroll into any of the 820 Malaysia Government-recognized Chinese universities that offered diverse departments and wide selection of degree courses either in Chinese and English medium of instruction.

b. Eligibility criteria

Students with Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) or equivalent qualification with at least 5As. Students may apply with SPM trial examination results.

c.  Start dates

Each year in March and graduate in Jan the following year with two semesters in a year.

d.  Direction of professional orientation

4 areas of study - Arts, Science, Commerce and Performing Arts. Enrollment is based on students’ preferences, future aspirations and university selection.

 e. Tuition fees

RM 15,500 (Inclusive of lodging, registration fees)

f. Registration deadline

Each year in the month of January

g.  Application (submission)

            I. CUMP Application Form  (1 copy)
            II. SPM or SPM trial examination (1 copy)
            III. 1 copy of NRIC (both front and back in same page of A4 size)
            IV. 1 copy of Malaysian Passport

h. Admission and registration

Admitted students will receive a copy of the acceptance letter. Students must use this admission letter to apply for Visa and buy flight ticket and report on a specified date stated in the letter.

 i. Study Location

No 5, Qingshan Road, Suzhou Science and Technology Town, Suzhou New District, 215163 Suzhou China

Contact Info

No 9-1, Jalan Sri Hartamas 7, Taman Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 12 380 0501 (KY Lee)                            (WhatsApp and WeChat ID - ky_lee7 available)      wecharwhatsapp

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