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Date : 2015-08-21

2015 Summer Registration for International Students and New Student Orientation Held at SYSU

From August 17 to 18, 2015, the Summer Registration for international students at Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) took place concurrently on the South, North, and Zhuhai Campus. The Office for International Students’ Affairs (ISO) organized these registration events to facilitate students’ completion of enrollment procedures. Students were aided by the internet and also by new social media like Facebook, Twitter, and WeChat. Although it was blazingly hot, the students came away feeling satisfied with the registration services, which were both effective and innovative. 

In order to facilitate smoother transitions for international students starting their new lives at SYSU, the Office of International Cooperation & Exchange recently overhauled the bilingual Handbook for International Students. This English-Chinese handbook is composed of many parts, each covering a different side of student life at SYSU, including Academics, Life in SYSU, Life in Guangzhou, and so on. The Handbook gives students a comprehensive guide to their study and living at SYSU and in Guangzhou. The handbook was well received by the new students and was even considered by some as a welcome gift from the University. Continuing students were eager to get their hands on a copy as well. It will be available online soon for students to download.

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On the afternoon of August 19, the Summer Orientation for new international students was held at the Swasey Hall on SYSU’s South Campus. Dr. Wu Xiaoyan, director of ISO, gave a warm welcome to all the students and a brief introduction to the University, the city, and the relevant laws and regulations related to living and studying in China. Officer Li Pingping from the Exit-Entry Administration Department (EEA) and Officer Wu Yulan from Xingang Police Station of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau also gave presentations about the processing of Chinese visas and security matters. Mr. You Zhangao, deputy director of the Security Department of SYSU, was also invited to the orientation. 

The orientation was highly praised by the students, as it presented them a brief but essential overview of crucial information needed to help them start their lives in China and feel like members of the SYSU community.

After the second-round of registration to be held for non-degree students in mid-September, the total number of international students for the autumn semester will exceed 2,000. The beginning of the new semester heralds the latest step in the University’s development as first-tier international academic center. Students from all corners of the world have gathered here to begin their education, coming from many different backgrounds but now in unity as SYSU students. As Dr. Wu said during her presentation: “Congratulations on becoming part of the SYSU community. You are now part of a big family.”

Source: Office for International Students' Affairs

Written by: Office for International Students' Affairs, Edited by: Wang Dongmei

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