65 Students Graduated from Sino-American and Sino-French Medical Class Campus News


On June 23rd, the commencement of the second Sino-American Medical Education Reform Experimental Class and the eighth Sino-French Medical Class was held in School of Medicine, Wuhan University. 65 students successfully graduated. And among them, many will go to France, UK, Sweden and Hongkong for internship or work there.

At the graduation ceremony for Sino-American Medical Education Reform Experimental Class, 46 graduates were awarded degree certificates.Executive President Feng Youmei attributed the success of the reform class to the fact that in the initial stage of the cooperation in the year of 2008, both sides had a comprehensive and deep discussion in training objectives, management modes, teaching methods and concepts, and evaluation methods. She pointed out that Wuhan University should draw lessons from Chicago mode and look for a way of medical education which is suitable for the development trend of modern medicine, as well as Chinese national conditions.


After seven years of probing, run-in and adapting, this project has gained great success; the graduates had delivered excellent academic performance and were highly praised by peer experts in the Clinical Medicine Professional Certification in Advance in May. WHU would adopt a comprehensive Sino-American cooperation mode among the coming 5-year freshmen, changing the “experimental” into the “popular”.

The graduation ceremony for Sino-French Medical Class was held in the afternoon when 19 graduates got their degrees. Vice President Li Fei congratulated the students for their successful completion of study, praising that they not only mastered good professional knowledge but also learned the most beautiful language in the world in a short period of time. He added that they should perfect professional knowledge constantly and as medical workers, they should keep good health.


The French representatives presented at the ceremony thought that the 18-year cooperation was full of vitality and enjoyed great results. From their point of view, Chinese students are diligent, studious and friendly and they firmly believed that the medical education cooperation between China and France would gain more success. They encouraged students to explore more about the world, and cultivate international views and communication skills on the basis of a good master of professional knowledge. Student representatives thanked the 7-year study for making them more precise, tenacious, kind-hearted and respectful for life.


Author:Tianqi Zou, Edited by Diana & Sijia Hu (Source - Wuhan University)

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