A Bite of China - Ep 3 - Inspiration for Change Explore in China - Food

Inspiration for Change (转化的灵感)

Taste is more important than anything else as far as food is concerned. The Chinese have never restricted themselves to a certain tedious food list. With their understanding of food, the Chinese are always looking for an inspiration for change.The inspiration is from tofu. Jianshui is a small city of Yunnan province,in south of China.Burn tofu is a tridional food.It is a kind of tofu ball.And for making the tofu ball,it should tightly wraps the shapeless tender tofu with gauze and squeezes out the water. Then the tofu takes shape. We have to work very quickly,because the fresh tofu will quickly turn sour.Then,we have to put the tofu ball in the sun in the split-bamboo baskets for some days . When it gets hard and shriveled and the skin turns black,then the tofu has matured. For eating tofu ball , a basin of charcoal fire of proper heat will be the key.Put tofu ball above the charcoal fire.The tough tofu quickly inflates in the heat of charcoal fire.It reminds people of fermented flour.People of Jianshui like enjoying this special air-dried and fermented flavor. People can enjoy the tofu with varied sauces. (Source - wikipedia)

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