A Bite of China - Ep 7 - Our Farm Explore in China - Food

Our Farm (我们的田野)

Chinese people say one has to make use of the local resources available. This is not only an example of people adapting to their local conditions, it is also a natural way of living according to Chinese characteristics. They take great advantage of every inch of ground they stand on.And their ability to seek out food is instinctual. From the fertile and rich plain to the plentiful rivers and lakes, from the cold and desolate plateau to the urban landscape dominated by high rises; where there is green there is a harmony between the sky above and the people below. But in order to gain and harvest food from the vast ocean, people must possess a completely different set of extraordinary skills. 

Every day, when night falls, Different kinds of diners hang around in thousands of restaurants across Beijing. In these restaurants, manner of all food is gathered from across the nation and from abroad.In various regions, Chinese people use their own wisdom to get the most out of nature. This wisdom is a product of respect towards the heavens and a sentimental attachment to the earth. A writer describes the simple life view of Chinese people in the following words: No matter whether they plough with their heads down or whether they bow their heads to eat, they never forget to raise their heads to the sky. (Source - wikipedia)

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