A Bite of China - Ep 6 - A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors Explore in China - Food

A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors (五味的调和)

No matter whether in the realm of cuisine or linguistics, the word "taste" encapsulates infinite possibilities. Besides gustatory and olfactory experiences, it can also refer to feelings incited by things way beyond food. For the Chinese, taste is a matter of not only the tongue and nose, but the heart. The Equilibrium of Tastes As in the rest of the world, the Chinese use sweetness to express the feeling of joy and happiness. The taste buds can pick up sweetness before all other gustatory feelings.

Sugar is the most common source of sweetness. To Yao Jinghong, sugar means a lot. In the early morning he starts a big fire to melt sugar. Sweet onion pancakes is a famous traditional dessert in Chaozhou.Sugar is the source of sweetness in desserts in many regions of China. Some km away from Dahao, Wuxi thrives with industry and commerce. Its residents enjoy a prosperous life. Although Wuxi doesn't produce sugar cane, Locals see Pork Ribs in Soy Sauce a representative of the Wuxi cuisine, not only for the meticulous choice of materials and cooking methods, but also for its sweetish taste.

MSG has been widely used, the Chinese have different views towards it. In south China, people prefer the flavor of natural ingredients. After the harvest season, Li is going to spend his leisure time fishing, drinking tea, and of course, eating roasted laver. For Chinese, good taste originally refers to the taste of raw fish. For modern people who are accustomed to cooked food, it takes some wisdom to preserve the freshness and original flavor of foods. This is exactly what the Cantonese are good at.

We love cooking. It makes life wonderful. Please stay tuned to explore the world of gastronomy. To enjoy authentic and healthy cooking, and to live a simple and unadorned life is the theme of Zhuang's program, and also the reflection of his life. The diverse culinary flavors of the Chinese kitchen not only please the palate, but also allow the Chinese to express their diverse feelings towards the ups and downs of life. They prefer the orchestra of tastes to the solo of any of them. The equilibrium of tastes is what the Chinese chefs pursue. Moreover, such cooking philosophy has extended to other realms of the Chinese life and even their notion of running the country. (source - wikipedia)

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