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Elvina Sharaeva is a Russian student currently studying at SCUT School of International Education. She is a holder of Confucius Institute Scholarship, except good grade is not her only specialty. Being gifted with versatility, when out of the classroom she is quite active in all kinds of student activities held by her school and the university. 

In last November, Shortly after Sharaeva arrived at the SCUT campus, School of International hosted a gala for international students in Guangdong province, "Charming Guangdong, Lifting My Dream", which invited her to be the emcee of the event, and she did perfect on the stage that evening. 

Sharaeva is good at many things especially dancing, singing and traveling, as she always bears a deep love inside heart for China’s culture, language and foods, and now she has every chance to enjoy this love since living in a Chinese campus. On the other hand, great courage was required when she decided to take this long travel to China, leaving her hometown and beloved ones thousands of miles away, but she managed it.

 “My courage comes from my love for China,” said the Russian girl, “especially my passion for knowing Chinese culture.” 

As a loyal fan of tourism, she didn’t just left her food prints in corners of Guangzhou, but around the whole country. Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an … even these cities with long histories could not satisfy her curiosity in continuing to discover the charm of Chinese culture and the beauty of these ancient lands. 

Every city she visited contributes a special story for her diaries in China – in Beijing it was the Palace Museum; in Shanghai it was the Oriental Pearl Tower; in Guangzhou she has a group of dear Chinese friends; and in Xi’an she spent her first Spring Festival with the Terracotta Warriors, meanwhile enjoying Rou Jia Mou, or Chinese Hamburger, a tasty street food originating from the northwest of China. 

After completed her courses in public and urban management in Russia, Sharaeva now studies international business at SCUT. One reason for her to choose this major is she loves to get to know different people when engaging in international businesses. She also expects to stay in Guangzhou after graduation, probably doing a job relative to the China-Russia trade. 

Her long-term plan is to improve her Chinese language skills in China, and to be a person who adds firm stones to the bridge between China and Russia, as well as to communicate the world, which is exactly where her aptitude is as an international student and a fan of China. 

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