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To avoid destroying a forest, authorities have built a 10.9-kilometer road linking Gufu to Zhaojunqiao in Xingshan county, Central China's Hubei province, that completely bypasses the nearby mountain. Two stretches of the project are two bridges, altogether 4.4km, built over two rivers. 

It has been dubbed "road on water".

With beautiful landscape around it, the project is also called "the most beautiful road on water".

The road has made the journey easier in Xingshan county, which is located in the Three Gorges Reservoir region, in Central China's Hubei province. Photos taken on Aug 9, 2015. [Photos/]





A large number of tourists and photographers drove to see "the most beautiful overwater highway" located in Xingshan county in central China's Hubei province on Monday @ 14 Sep 2015. The highway has become a new tourist attraction.

The highway is 109 kilometers long, 4.4 kilometers of which is constructed above the Xiangxi River of the Three Gorge reservoir and Gudongkou second-grade power station reservoir. Photos taken on 14 Sep 2015 by Huang Jin (People's Daily Online)






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