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Top 10 most beautiful autumn sceneries in China
1. Jiuzhaigou Valley
Jiuzhai Valley (九寨沟) is one of the most wonderful landscapes in China. Located in southwest China's Sichuan province, it is well known for its multi-level waterfalls, colorful lakes and many nearby natural sightseeing place. It was inscribed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1992 [Photo/]

2. Kanas
Kanas (喀纳斯), in a valley in the Altai Mountains, is located near the very northern tip of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. "Kanas" is a Mongolian word meaning "lake in the canyon." The area is famous for its mysterious and wild landscape and especially its legendary lake.

When September comes, Kanas enters a golden season. The plants covered by the golden sunshine, the lake in the near distance, the snow-capped mountains in the backdrop, the small wooden houses and the strolling herds of cattle and sheep, create a fairytale view. [Photo/]

September is believed to be the best time to visit Kanas.

3. Ejin
The Ejin Banner (额济纳), in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is at its most beautiful from the end of September to mid-October, when the golden Euphrates poplars and magnificent desert scenery turn Ejin into a fascinating destination for photographers and travelers.[Photo/]

4. Tachuan Village
Tachuan village is situated at the foot of Huangdui Mountain and beside Qishu Lake . Ancient dwellings with black tiles, white walls, sweeping roofs and elegant upturned eaves are built down the hillsides and hide among plants with exuberant foliage. A clear stream flows down from a mountain, winds through the village and runs to Qishu Lake. [Photo/]

5. Bashang grassland
Bashang grassland (坝上草原), lying in southeast part of north China's Inner Mongolian Plateau, is an important part of the plateau. [Photo/]

6. Miyaluo, Sichuan
Miyaluo in Lixian County, Sichuan Province, has the largest area of autumn leaves in China, covering almost 3,700 square kilometers, making it 180 times more than Xiangshan Park in Beijing.

In the Tibetan language Miyaluo means “a place with breathtaking scenery.” The place is hidden in Zagunao Valley and inhabited by the Tibetan and Qiang ethnic minorities.

Maples, birch trees, pines and larches add seasonal richness to the forests of Zagunao Valley. As autumn comes, the mountains are covered in a blaze of red and gold. [Photo/]

7. Daocheng County
Daocheng (稻城), a county in the southwest of Sichuan Province, is mainly inhabited by Tibetans. Broad valleys, lush pastures and imposing mountains make the county a fantastic place for visit and hike.Surrounding by snow mountains and forests, Daocheng is often referred to as "the last pure land in our blue planet." The three-day hike from Daocheng to Yading takes you through some of the quietest and purest natural scenery on earth. [Photo/]

8. Qixia Mountain
Qixia Mountain (栖霞山), also called the Sheshan Mountain, is located some 22 kilometers (13.67 miles) northeast of Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. It covers an area of over 860 hectares and has three peaks -- Dragon Peak, Tiger Peak and Fengxiang Peak, with the highest peak located at 286 meters.

Covered by 750 hectares of various maple trees, the mountain can boast some fascinating autumn scenery. Every year, around mid-October, the whole mountain will become a colorful carpet of red, green and golden maple leaves, making it a wonderful place to enjoy the best colors of the season. [Photo/]

9. Fragrant Hills
Xiangshan Park (香山公园), also known as the Forest Park, is located on the eastern sides of the Western Hills, approximately 10 kilometers to the west of Beijing.

Due to its high elevation and dense cover of trees, spring arrives late in the area and summer days are always pleasantly cool. The best time to visit the park is late fall, when the smoke tree leaves turn red. The trees make the grandest display of all. There are also groves of apricots, pears, peaches and lilacs adding their fragrance, and the more solemn evergreens, whose contribution to the local beauty is unrestricted by seasonal changes. [Photo/]

10. Mount Lu
Lushan Mountain (庐山), towering over the southern bank of the Yangtze River, is situated to the south of Jiujiang City. It covers an area of 300 square kilometers (30,000 hectares), with Dahanyang Peak, its highest summit, rising up 1,474 meters above sea level.

With its imposing peaks, peculiar stone formations, unique waterfalls, abundant trees and flowers and many historical sites, the mountain is labeled one of the most famous mountains in the country and was included on the UNESCO world heritage list in 1996. When springtime arrives, the trees in the area turn green once again and the flowers begin to blossom. The mountain is the best place to get the springtime back in your step and enjoy the colorful summer scenery. [Photo/]