For Prosepective Students (Q&A)

Q: How to Apply?

A: IBS has both English-based and Chinese-based degree programs. Application documents vary according to different programs. For more information please click here - BFSU - All Programs

Q: When is the application deadline?

A: English-based Bachelor Program has two enrollments every year. The application deadlines are on 30th December for the Spring semester and 30th June for the Fall semester. 

English-based Master program has only one enrollment every year. The application deadline is on 30th June.  

Chinese-based Bachelor and Master  programs, have only one enrollment every year. The application deadline is on 30th June.

Q: I graduated from an international high school with all the courses taught in English. Do I still need to provide IELTS or TOEFL to prove  my English proficiency?

A: If applicants have their high school or Bachelor study fully in English for at least three years, they could get the exemption of taking IELTS or TOEFL. However, the IELTS or TOEFL is  compulsory for scholarship application.

Q: Do I need to send all application documents by mail? Or email is fine?

A: You are suggested to scan and send all required documents by email, which is faster and easier. 

Q: Will I have to take an admission test?

A: That depends on your academic performance in the previous studies. If the submitted materials can prove sufficient qualification for the program applied, you will be exempt from the admission test. Otherwise, an admission test will be compulsory. However, we do arrange on-line or phone interview for applicants who cannot  schedule a visit to China for the test.

Q: When could I know whether I am admitted?

A: If your application documents are complete, it normally takes about one month to get admission notice and JW202 visa application form. Otherwise, the Admission Department would contact you for additional documents. 

Q: Can I transfer credits from another university?

A: We do accept credit transfers. Please make sure that credits you gained before are taught in English and related to business field. You are suggested to provide transcripts and course descriptions to the Admission Department for  assessment. 

Q: Since I am already married, do I need to provide custody release form?

A: Yes, all applicants need to provide that form. The emergency contact information in the Custody Release Form is for your parent to fill in. 

Q: Except for degree programs, does the school provide any short-term program?

A: Yes. IBS has a certificate program in Chinese Business Studies, which is a  one-semester program. And summer/winter camp is available during the summer/winter time. 

Q: What kind of degree will be awarded on graduation? Is the graduation certificate or degree certificate recognized by the government?

A: All degree students will be awarded the official Graduation Certificate and Degree Certificate when they graduate from IBS. Both certificates are issued by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and recognized by most other countries.

Please kindly note that in accordance with “The Regulations Concerning Academic Degrees in the People’s Republic of China”, Bachelor students will obtain Bachelor of Management, and show the major in Business Administration, which is equivalent to BBA in some other academic system. The Degree is universal for Business Administration Major in China, issued by the Degree Committee of the Chinese State Council. Any graduate from Chinese universities majoring in Business Administration receive the same degree certificates. Please notice that the Chinese government doesn't use BBA as the degree name for the Business Administration major.

And Master students will be awarded Master of International Business or Master of Finance based on the choice of major.


Q: Does the school provide scholarship to international students?

A: Yes, IBS has two kinds of scholarships, which are First-year Students Scholarship and Senior Students Scholarship. 

Q: How to apply for the scholarship?

A: Basically you must submit materials to show your competency in previous studies. The University Scholarship Assessment Committee is in charge of the final evaluation and awarding of scholarships. 

Criteria for selection and evaluation of First-Year Students differ slightly from those applied to Senior Students (students in their second, third, or fourth year of study). 

Campus Life

Q: Does the university provide on-campus dormitory for international students?

A: Yes, there are four dormitory buildings for international students on BFSU east and west campus, which are Guojiao Building, White Building and No.6.

Q: When does the semester start and end?

A: The Spring Semester normally starts at the beginning of March, and ends in mid July.

  The Fall Semester normally starts at the beginning of September and ends in mid January.

Q: Can I pay the tuition fee by semester?

A: Sorry, you can’t. Degree students are required to pay their tuition fees yearly.

Q: Do you have exchange program for students?

A: Yes. Bachelor students have opportunities to do exchange for one semester to our partner universities in the third year.

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