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Publish Time : 2016-03-21

IBS Scholarship application for students of Spring 2013, Spring 2014 and Spring 2015 started last week. Students had one week to submit their applying documents. IBS student affaits office will carry out a thorough assessment in applicants' academic performance, attentance and  participation in extracurricular  activities and publicize the result in this week. 

Here follows more information about the scholarship.


Scholarship Tiers and Award Amounts  

The following scholarship tiers will be available to qualified students:



  • CNY 10, 000 /Academic Year (Awarded to 5% of students every year);
  • CNY 8, 000 /Academic Year (Awarded to 10% of students every year);
  • CNY 5, 000 /Academic Year (Awarded to 15% of students every year);


  • CNY 12, 000/Academic Year (Awarded to 5% of students every year);
  • CNY 10, 000/Academic Year (Awarded to 10% of students every year)



Your performance in the previous academic year (2015 spring semester and 2015 fall semester) will be evaluated. Scholarships are limited and qualified applicants will be screened according to a range of predetermined criteria which compose the Overall Assessment Grades.


Elements weighted are listed below.

Overall Assessment Grades = Average Grades of the Academic Year (80%) + Attendance (10%) + Extra Points (10%)

  •  Average Grades of the Academic Year = Average Grades of the Academic Year is calculated using a student’s academic transcript results issued by the Academic Affairs Office.
  • Attendance Assessment = The class attendance value is calculated according to Attendance Record Charts.


Extra Points

Extra points are evaluated on your performance and participation in activities during the academic year of 2015. Extra Points are divided into THREE parts: being student leaders; be part of activities in or above BFSU level; and being Student Ambassador. Supportive documents are indispensable for getting extra points.

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