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Publish Time : 2016-05-13


International Cultural Festival (ICF) is one of the most important events during the year, when all international students and Chinese students join to experience the best memories and acknowledge diversified cultures of the world.

To achieve objectives, IBS Union has to come across many challenges so as to let the BFSU students enjoy the event. Whenever it comes to this event, all the members of the Union become excited. They work together as a team and family.

Uzbekistan team did a great job in both performance and decoration of their booth. People had a deep impression on the culture of the Sunny Uzbekistan. The country could attract nearly the whole audience with their amazing way of dancing and tasty food. More interesting and attractive part of Uzbekistan booth were clothes and musical instruments.


There were different types of traditional dishes: Pilaf, Somsa (beef/potato in dough), Achichuk (Salad), Golubcy (Beef rolled in cabbage), etc.


At the end of event, many people started to dance along with Uzbekistan students. It was amazing, when all the international students wanted to learn dancing style.


Finally, this event has been accomplished. Students are happy after all. They have learnt variety of cultures and have met many people across the world. Best performance - unbelievable memories. Students are looking forward to ICF and especially Uzbekistan performance next year!

                                                                     --Written By Dinur, an outstanding student from Uzbekistan

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