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Publish Time : 2016-05-16


Dear Students: 

Welcome to the Spring Immersion Week 2016! 

When you open this handbook, you know that our arduous planning and preparation is finally done and we are about to enter a new exciting learning journey together. 

This Immersion Week is more complicated than before because we have three destinations instead of one. As our group is getting bigger, it will be no longer possible to send hundreds of students to a single place to visit. In fact, some companies simply declined our visiting request, just after hearing the number of students. No matter how difficult it is, we are still determined to make it possible as we consider this immersion week to be a unique experience for you to experience the fast-changing pace of China, to build up your network and develop a teamwork spirit, and, to learn.  

As you may remember, the last Immersion Week was designed around the theme of “Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Beijing”. We believe that Innovation will be the keyword for this country for many years to come. Therefore, this immersion will continue to focus on “Innovation and how innovation creates competitiveness” for companies, in South-China Guangdong province and in Beijing, the capital of China. You will work in a group to pick one of the organizations whose innovations impress you deeply and make a study on it. Your case study report will show how well you comprehend their innovation capabilities and how you are inspired by those innovations. For those students who are going to Shanxi province, we believe that you will grow your business acumen by studying the local business environment and develop really exciting ideas. We did enjoy some of the ideas enormously from the Pingyao trip last year and we hope this year’s trip will produce more ideas with unique perspectives, showing your creativity and originality. 

Before I conclude, please allow me to repeat something important here, three times---Be professional, Be professional, Be Professional! Please make yourself look and behave professionally during the week as we are representing BFSU. I know that you will make your university proud. 

Enjoy the week!


Dr. LIU Peng

On behalf of IBS team

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