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The Library of BFSU is a 6-story building with a total floor space of 23 000 m2, a landmark on the BFSU campus. It has a front wall decorated with the word “library” in 55 different languages, symbolizing the multilingual feature and international exposure of BFSU. The glass roof over the hall is also decorated with characters that creates a shadowed sea of knowledge when the sunlight shines through. A stairway in the middle of the hall leads up to a “mountain of books”, materializing the well-known Chinese quote – “Diligence is the path to the mountain of knowledge”. With flexible layout and open space, the whole library fully demonstrates the idea of openness in modern library management and complete harmony between men and books.


The library has 1.264 million books, over 482 000 electronic books, 1 174 periodicals and 56 databases in Chinese and other languages, mainly involving language, literature and culture. In recent years, along with multi-disciplinary development of BFSU, additional collections have been built, involving disciplines such as law, diplomacy, economics, journalism and management.


The library has over 2 000 seats and 18 reading rooms in addition to meeting rooms, lecture rooms, exhibition rooms and coffee bars,offering you a place to not only acquire knowledge, but also communicate with and listen to each other. This is an embodiment of the library’s concept of providing reader-oriented service. The library offers 24 hour book deposit self-service and other self-service facilities for printing, photocopying, scanning and borrowing & returning. Multimedia facilities not only offer you visualized reading experiences but also help to stimulate your creativity. The library adopts computerized management to improve management and keep up with the latest development in an era of knowledge based economy.


With its rich collections, comfortable environment, reader-oriented service and modern facilities, the Library of BFSU is a premium place for teachers and students to learn, do research and communication with each other.

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