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China's Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education announced on Wednesday that China will adjust its government scholarships sponsor system and increase the sponsor standards, the highest scholarships for undergraduates, masters, and PhDs will rise to 66,200 yuan, 79,200 yuan and 99,800 yuan per year per person.

Chinese government scholarships are provided on the basis of the educational exchange agreements or MOUs signed between the Chinese government and relevant countries,regions, schools and international organizations. The scholarships are designed to sponsor non-Chinese nationals including undergraduates, graduates, doctoral students, general scholars and senior scholars to undertake degree studies (bachelor, master or PhD) or academic research in China.

According to the announcement, the scholarships standards have been increased from September 1, 2014. Scholarships are divided into three levels according to different subject categories: first category subjects include philosophy, economics, law, education, literature(except arts), history and management; second category subjects include science,engineering and agriculture; third category subjects include literature (arts) and medicine.

Based on the three categories, the annual funding for undergraduates are 59,200 yuan, 62,200 yuan, and 66,200 yuan respectively; master (general scholar) annual funding are70,200 yuan, 74,200 yuan and 79,200 yuan; PhD (Senior Scholar) funding are 87,800yuan, 92,800 yuan, and 99,800 yuan. In addition, for graduates and scholars who take all English language courses, an additional 5,000 yuan per year is available.

This article was edited and translated from 中国政府奖学金上调资助标准. 

Source - People's Daily Overseas Edition

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Chinese Version


《 人民日报海外版 》( 2015年01月22日 第 04 版)

据新华社北京1月21日电 (记者申铖、韩洁)财政部、教育部21日对外发布通知,决定完善中国政府奖学金资助体系,提高资助标准,本科生、硕士研究生、博士研究生每人每年资助标准最高档分别为66200元、79200元和99800元。







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