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China's State of The Art Engineering Goes Global 

Photo taken on July 25, 2014 shows a high-speed train in Ankara, capital of Turkey. (Xinhua/Mustafa Kaya)
China is attempting to seek bigger markets and become more open to the world via high-speed rail. 'Going Global' with high-speed rail is of huge significance to China.High-speed rail symbolizes the restructuring of China’s manufacturing as well as its ability to seize new market shares. High-speed rail construction brings huge benefits to China. Large numbers of skilled workers are trained during high-speed rail construction, while more than 900 of China’s technical patents can be further updated. Overall, high-speed rail construction equips China with safer and faster transportation.

China's rapid transformation from a country that introduces technology to a country that exports technology is well worthy of note. China Railway Corporation holds independent intellectual property rights to building high-speed rail, with more than 900 international patents.

China is now seeking win-win opportunities in any place where high-speed rail is being built: the results are a growing economy, faster transportation, and more standardized logistics. China, as the biggest manufacturer and biggest trader in goods, opens up to the outside world through building high-speed rail. However, a high-speed rail network is not in itself enough for a modern country. An efficient and sound system as well as an open mind are of equal importance.

Only when its mind and its economy are open can a country integrate into the world via logistics technology. Otherwise, railway construction would never lead to any major reform. ‘Going Global’ with high-speed rail should bring a win-win situation. Indeed, high-speed rail construction has strategic significance. The construction of a high-speed rail network should be market-oriented, otherwise its strategic targets are unlikely to be achieved.

High-speed rail construction needs sound management and flexible financing because of its huge costs. China should follow a market-oriented policy in the process of building high-speed rail. This will help China to increase its market share. In practice, sophisticated negotiation skills and a practical marketing concept are needed for the program of high-speed rail construction.

High-speed rail is one of China's most effective visiting cards and shows its economic viability at its best.

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Files pictures of China's High Speed Train and System
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