Cross if you dare

Cross if You Dare: Scary Suspension Walkway Seen in North China

1. The construction of the longest, widest, and highest glass suspension walkway in China is to be completed soon in Baishi Mountain Resort, Laiyuan county of north China’s Hebei province, according to sources from the resort.

It is estimated that the walkway will be opened to public in the middle of September 2014. (Photo/Weibo)


2. The Walk of FAITH is a glass pavement path built on the side of 4,690ft mountain in Zhangjiajie Tianmen, Hunan Province, China. The mountain is very popular tourist destination.

Located in Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park is for those adventurers, who can handle the heights.

3. The world's most dangerous hiking trail - The Huashan Trail in China
A step-by-step guide to explore and enjoy the most adventures trail!