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Brief Description

Economics studies how scarce human and physical resources can be allocated optimally to maximize the satisfaction of individual wants and improve social welfare. Economics analyzes behavior of consumption, production, exchange, and their interactions with each other in domestic and global settings. Through the study of economics, students acquire modern analytical, empirical, and quantitative skills, and enhance their communicative skills – the requisite abilities which enable them to understand and analyze effectively economic problems and issues of today.


The Programme provides rigorous training that equip students with knowledge and skills to understand economic problems and analyze policy issues from local and global perspectives. In addition, the Programme enhances students’ communicative ability, teamwork, and interpersonal skills, so as to prepare them adequately for a wide range of future careers. This program provides two streams for students:

1) Applied Economics Stream

2) Economic Science Stream

Study scheme and course list

Global Business Studies

Brief Description

Overseas prestigious business schools, together with the CUHK Shenzhen Campus, will form a tri-partite collaboration to offer students a unique and unparalleled global learning experience. The entire cohort of students will spend one academic term in Asia, North America and Europe respectively. Through living and studying together, students would learn business practices in a crosscontinental approach and build international network among elite peers, which prepares them for culturally diversified career in the future. Their exposure will be further broadened by gaining insights from successful corporate leaders. 


Taking full advantage of different campuses, the Programme would strive for internship and placement opportunities in all 4 locations, namely, North America, Europe, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, each possessing uniqueness in economic environment and business culture. It would enable our students to develop skills required for cross-cultural context and gain practical work experience in a global context. Abundant experiential learning activities such as field trips, company visits, business case competitions, leadership training, business mentorships, guest lectures and seminars would be organized to enrich students’ learning experience. This program provides two streams for students: 

1) Global Business Management

2) Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management 

Study scheme and course list

Marketing and Communication

Brief Description

The Program in Marketing and Communication is an interdisciplinary program that equips students with the knowledge in marketing, retail management, and quantitative skills (including mathematics, statistics, and computer programming). Upon completion of the Program, students are expected to be capable of formulating winning marketing strategies by making use of billions of customer footprints (i.e., transactions) captured through the IT systems to support optional marketing actions for customers at the retail level. Therefore, the objective of the proposed program is to produce high quality “marketing engineers” for high-end positions such as database marketer, marketing analyst, market researcher and internet marketing consultant in various industries in China. 


Though it is currently commonplace that marketing programs and retail management programs in Hong Kong and China teach students elementary quantitative methods, the level of quantitative training is generally insufficient to equip students with the level of quantitative proficiency entailed by the Information Era. As a result, the proposed program is a pioneering attempt in the higher education system in China to meet the corresponding market demand. 

Study scheme and course list


Brief Description

The objectives of this proposed Program are to cater for such needs by preparing our graduates who have the analytical training, practical experience and a global mindset to meet the future challenges of the banking and finance industry. 

Students will acquire an understanding of the complex interrelationships among the world economies in terms of the flow of goods, services, and funds, the functions and operations of financial markets and institutions, and the interaction among them in a globalized context. 

The program will equip students with the ability to use econometric and mathematical modeling tools in order to: 

(a) understand and analyze emerging trends in global financial markets and institutions,

(b) support financial decision making at a corporate or individual level, and

(c) formulate global strategies for business and public organizations in an increasingly complex financial landscape. 


This Program may well be the first of its kind in the mainland, giving solid interdisciplinary training in economics and finance in the context of the global economy. The growing financial sector, the hub status of Shenzhen and Hong Kong in global finance, and the strong expertise will ensure great attraction to students from Hong Kong, China and the rest of the world. 

A major emphasis of the Program will be on international exchange and overseas internship experience. 

Study scheme and course list

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