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Internships and work

Gain valuable work experience through internships, placements and working while you study in China

New policy regulations of the Exit and Entry Administration Law permit foreign students in China to take part in certain types of employment while you study.

All academic degree programmes include a period of work experience whereby students secure an internship or placement at a business in China or your home country. It is essential to understand, and abide by, employment laws for foreign students in China. INTO China provides guidance and support to students in applying for internships positions, and provides good opportunities for networking with Chinese businesses to build contacts.

Internship opportunities at DUFE

How do the University and INTO help students to find internships?

GIME have a dedicated Careers and Development Office focused on identifying working and internships opportunities for international students. Any opportunities are advertised to students via email and notice boards. Students who are interested can apply through the Careers and Development Office. Successful candidates will be given guidance and support throughout their internship and work placement.

The University 'Business Advisory Council' consists of approximately 20 local and international companies in Dalian. The University and INTO work together with local, national and global recruitment companies to assist students to identify internship opportunities and support students with their applications.

Finding an internship with INTO

How easy is it to find an internship in China?

In a competitive employment marketplace such as China, internship opportunities are in great demand by Chinese and international students as well as recent graduates. Local and international companies will identify the best talent and the most suitable candidates for the positions available.

Successful candidates are expected to have a strong academic background and good interpersonal skills. As the internships are based in China, good Chinese language ability is also an attractive skill to have. Focus on the Chinese language modules of your degree syllabus with a view to helping you secure a work placement at a Chinese business while you study.

Students should be pro-active looking for opportunities. The University and INTO will support students in identifying opportunities, but students who are more pro-active are more likely to find a suitable internship. An active approach to finding employment is essential and it's important to understand that good interview technique is not the sole basis on which a candidate is considered for appointment. .

Practicing your networking (Guanxi) skills through special events organised by INTO is the most practical way of improving your chances by building positive connections to keep up with hearing of new opportunities and vacancies. Consider what work experience you have obtained in your home country and how this can give you an advantage.


Important requirements for working while you study in China

Students who successfully secure a job or internship during their studies will need to get an additional working license attached on their passport. The working license will be applied through the University, which has the responsibility to record and facilitate foreign students' working situations. If a student fails to report their working situation to the University for taking a job or internship, it is against the Order of the President of the People’s Republic of China. Students will face a fine and it will affect the visa extension seriously, so be sure to keep the University informed of your plans by communicating with the INTO China team.

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