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In partnership with INTO University Partnerships Limited (INTO), a global education partnering organisation based in Brighton, United Kingdom, PREC Edu Services is pleased to offer additional 2 prestige universities in China to cater the education needs of international students who wish to further education in China. Below are some compelling facts why you should review your education needs and study in China!



  • 356,499 international students already study in China, 2,300 of which study at Nankai university and 1,000 at Dongbei university of Finance and Economics. Both Universities have student populations in excess of 25,000.
  • $400,000 INTO scholarship fund available for international students.
  • In 2011, more than 27,000 international students studied western medicine at degree and post graduate level in China.
  • Ranked top - studying abroad consistently ranks as one of the most influential CV credentials that employers look for. 
  • Studying in China will help you develop a range of competencies to match those needed by global organisations.
  • 93% of students benefited from networking opportunities provided by the INTO China programme.
  • 92% of students would highly recommend the INTO China programme.



  • World-class Universities with high levels of national prestige
  • Undergraduate and Graduate programmes validated by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and recognised internationally
  • English-medium taught programmes with no prior Chinese language required and the opportunity develop Chinese language skills 
  • Unrivalled student support services on the University campus, providing non-academic services from social programmes to counseling support
  • Internships and Masterclasses with leading public and private sector organisations
  • Benefit from studying with an international cohort of students
  • Chinese student mentors

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE)

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE) is located west of Xinghai Park in Dalian city, which is a famous national scenic site. Founded in 1952, DUFE is a multi-disciplinary teaching and research university with particular strength in the fields of economics and management. 

In April 2012, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, Liaoning Provincial Government signed an agreement to build DUFE together. DUFE has over twenty years of experience in international education. It has produced thousands of graduates from over 90 countries all over the world. We have formed an International Students Education Management System which includes undergraduate programs, graduate programs, doctoral degree programs and short-term or long-term Chinese and Business Chinese courses. DUFE is a nationally designated Business Chinese Test (BCT) center and a test center for the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK). 

It is also a host institution of China Government Scholarship for international students. In 2012, in Liaoning Province’s examination and appraisal of universities which teach overseas students, DUFE ranked number one.

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics - "Pioneering international study in China"

Top 3 reasons students choose Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

  • The University is ranked top 3 in China for Finance and Economics courses
  • Graduates are among the most employable in China
  • Study in Dalian, a coastal city and business centre in north east China

INTOtv - Studying at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

English-medium Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes at DUFE

1. BSc Hospitality and Tourism Management

2. BSc International Business Management

3. MSc International Trade and Chinese Studies

4. MSc Hospitality and Tourism Management

5. MSc International Business Management

Start your degree or postgraduate degree at DUFE in Sep 2016. Apply today to receive an offer.

DUFE Ranked top 3 for Finance and Economics in China

University Rankings

  1. Ranked top 3 in China for Finance and Economics
  2. Ranked 2 nationally for the quality of their MBA/Business programmes (The Academic Degree Administration Office of the State Council)
  3. First-ranked institution of higher learning in Finance and Economics (Government Authority)
  4. Ranked 1st among its peers (China Youth Daily’s University Ranking List)

In the classroom

Scholarships at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics

INTO offers generous scholarships to high achieving students

INTO China is committed to supporting high achieving students from all backgrounds achieve their study goals through generous scholarships.

INTO China welcomes scholarship applications for all programmes and courses. If you are successful in being awarded a scholarship, it will be in the form of a partial tuition fee waiver. This will reduce the yearly cost of tuition fees for your studies, however the scholarship does not, and will not, affect your accommodation costs or additional day-to-day costs while you are studying.

Please note that applications for scholarships are very competitive,  therefore we encourage all scholarship seeking students to apply as early as possible.


Undergraduate degree scholarships

  • A limited number of scholarships are available for undergraduate degrees at DUFE
  • Undergraduate degrees are 4-year programmes, a scholarship deducts up to RMB 16,500 per year from tuition fees (fees before deduction RMB 64,000 per year)

Scholarships are available for all undergraduate degree programmes at DUFE including:

Postgraduate degree scholarships

  • A limited number of scholarships are available for postgraduate degrees at DUFE
  • Postgraduate degrees are 2-year programmes, a scholarship deducts up to RMB 18,000 per year from tuition fees (fees before deduction RMB 69,000 per year)

Scholarships are available for all postgraduate degree programmes at DUFE including:

If you have any questions about scholarships to study in China or require any assistance with your scholarship application, please send us an enquiry.

Living in Dalian


The beautiful coastal location and vibrant city make Dalian a great place to live and study. Dalian is 3rd most popular city for international visitors. 

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics is located in Dalian in North East China. With its beautiful coastal location and a mild climate, it is one of the most vibrant cities in China and a great place to experience Chinese culture. Voted China’s most liveable city (China Daily Newspaper), Dalian offers a unique blend of European, Russian, Japanese and traditional Chinese architecture reflecting the city’s fascinating history.

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A Centre for Trade, Finance and Business

Dalian is one of China’s most prosperous cities, attracting top international companies such as Microsoft, Nokia, HP, IBM and Intel, as well as major banking, insurance and security companies. Dalian is also a popular tourist destination, with a mild climate and beautiful beaches – the most visited in China. Described as ‘a city built in gardens’, visitors can enjoy leisurely walks through the city parks, lawns and civic squares, taking in an array of fountains and gardens. Dalian is also home to three zoological parks, including Shengya Ocean World.

Xinghai Square is East Asia's largest square and is where most of Dalian's major annual events take place. The city hosts a number of international festivals, including the annual International Fashion Festival and China International Beer Festival.

Dalian has very good public transport - the city's distinctive silver buses cover the entire area and are great for short journeys. Taxis are also a relatively cheap alternative. The Dalian Tram system, which is the second oldest in China, is a reminder of the city's Japanese heritage and from 2015 a new Metro network will make travel even faster and more convenient.

Dalian also has good connections with the rest of China. The Harbin high-speed passenger railway opened in 2012, and provides a gateway to North China. Dalian Airport has frequent connections to Beijing (55 minutes) and Shanghai (two hours), as well as international flights to Japan and Korea.  

China has recently overtaken Japan to become the second largest economy in the world behind the United States, and Dalian is playing its part as a thriving port city.

DUFE is located on the corner of the Dalian Technology Park, the choice of headquarters for a number of large western businesses - the large pool of highly qualified graduates and its status as the only non-ice port in north-east China being key factors in the choice of location.

Global companies including Microsoft, Nokia, HP, IBM and Intel all have a presence in Dalian, along with major banking, insurance and security organisations.


Enjoy Shopping, Arts & Crafts, Eating and Nightlife

Whether you are looking for designer boutiques, international brands, department stores or traditional Chinese products, Dalian has something to suit everyone.With several large shopping malls – including Walmart which is just across the road from the university campus, you will find cinemas, international and local branded clothing, restaurants, a Starbucks and even an underground Tesco supermarket. However you may prefer to shop in one of the many markets which sell local produce.

Xi’an Lu is located in the western part of the city and a popular choice for locals with many supermarkets of international and domestic fame.

Victory Square Shopping Centre is a huge shopping complex specialising in clothing and is a popular place to walk around and people-watch. 

As a city of lawns, squares, fountains and gardens, Dalian was designed by Russian architects fascinated with French culture. They came to Dalian with their construction blueprint of Paris and built elegant squares with artistic sculptures, lush lawns and western-style fountains. Zhongshan Square in the downtown area has ten avenues radiating from it and is one of the most famous squares in the city.

Xinghai Square is East Asia’s largest square and is where most of Dalian’s major annual events take place. The city hosts a number of international festivals, including the annual International Fashion Festival and China International Beer Festival.

Dalian theatre hosts a wide range of shows and concerts, once playing host to the renowned violinist David Garrett.

If you’re a fan of sport, go and see Dalian Shide – the most successful football team in China, having won the Chinese league eight times. And at weekends, get out of the city and explore the Binhai Road – 22 miles of scenic coastline with many beautiful beaches along the way.

As a coastal city, Dalian offers an abundance of great seafood restaurants. Its geographical position as the door to northeastern China also brings must-try pork and duck dishes unique to the region.  As a buzzing city of commerce you'll find every type of cuisine here, from local dishes to authentic Brazillian grills.

Dining out in Dalian caters to all tastes and budgets, from high-end restaurants to affordable local cafes and markets. Very close to campus is a large shopping mall offering many floors of restaurants to explore. Eating out in Dalian is very affordable, so try everything! The Student Services team are always happy to recommend great places to eat and speciality snacks to try.

You will be spoilt for choice for entertainment – from the theatres of the Zhongshan District and cinemas showing both Chinese-language films and international blockbusters, to karaoke, live music venues, stylish bars and clubs, and restaurants that cater for all tastes and budgets.

During summer, night markets provide cheap beer and food in an informal outdoor setting. Don’t forget to try the traditional buns, pancakes, dumplings or sample some of Dalian’s famous seafood.

International Community

While not as internationally-influenced as some Chinese cities like Beijing or Shanghai, Dalian still has a prominent foreign community especially with a growing mass of international students from all around the world. Although it is important to try to integrate into the Chinese community and make Chinese friends, you may find it easier to settle in to a new location with the help of your compatriots or other students in the same position as you.

There are often events organised for expats and foreigners to meet and socialize such as English and Chinese Language Corners hosted at local cafés all over the city.


Dalian has a similar climate to the rest of Northern China. In winter, average temperatures range from -2C to 10C and in summer from 25C to 35C. The weather is temperate, so it could snow, rain and be sunny all in the space of a day! Snow in winter is common, but does not last long when it arrives.

Life in Dalian

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