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Pic8About the undergraduate programme

Students will study the theory and practice of business management with an emphasis on international business issues, new research findings, case studies and compare perspectives on the management of internationally-operating organisations. The programme provides students with opportunities to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired throughout their course in a practical context. Students will spend part of their course on an internship with an organisation focused on international business. 

This programme will give you a broad awareness of how businesses become and remain international in scope. You will learn to apply management theories and techniques important in an increasingly multinational business environment.

You will also develop a more in-depth understanding of the common challenges emerging in the international business environment, as well as ways in which organisations might improve their operational efficiency now and in the future. The programme is especially suitable for those students interested in finance, accounting, supply chain management, marketing and human resources management.

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Why choose this programme?

Over the last 20 years China’s development has been fuelled by the rapid growth of its economy and international business links. The increasing number of multinational companies entering the China market, coupled with the growth of foreign investment, means there is a real demand for managers with knowledge of both Chinese and Western business practices. 

In a rapidly-changing global economic environment, where it is increasingly important to understand the international perspective, an undergraduate degree gained outside your own country will be an invaluable asset on your CV. Global companies are looking for employees who have experience of China and who understand the Chinese business environment, conventions and language.

Getting the Chinese perspective 

This popular course will fill up quickly so apply now!


An undergraduate degree taught in English at a top-ranked Chinese university. The Global Institute of Management and Economics offers you the opportunity to study a Bachelor's in International Business Management. Being taught entirely in English by fully qualified and experienced teachers. All of the coursework material is provided in English and you will be able to complete your exams and assignments in English. There are core modules of Chinese language as part of the curriculum that will allow you to develop new language skills whilst you study.

International Business Management degrees are administered by the Global Institute of Management & Economics (GIME).

Why apply for the BSc International Business Management programme?

  • GIME outperforms the sector average on all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes
  • Over 85% of the faculty lecturers are qualified with doctoral degrees
  • GIME has 150 international students from a range of countries including Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Pakistan, Nigeria, France, Germany, USA, Nepal


What will I study?

In order to graduate with an undergraduate degree in International Business Management from DUFE you must successfully complete 105 credits, comprising 91 compulsory credits and 14 optional credits.

Modules in Chinese language are a compulsory part of your degree and provide you with a unique opportunity to develop new skills. You do not need any prior knowledge as you can study from beginners' level Chinese.

The four year course will include study of a vast range of topics, of which a selection is highlighted below. A full module listing can be found further below.

Selection of modules in detail

Economic and Business Maths A unique feature of this module is its emphasis on the applications of advanced mathematics in the study of economics and finance. Economic and financial concepts such as price elasticity and compound interest are rigorously defined; students who previously only had a vague notion about them are thus able to grasp a more precise meaning of these concepts.
Profile of China An important module for international students in China that covers Chinese history of nearly 5,000 years, focusing on dynasties. Formed of three parts: Chinese culture, education, science and technology; folk customs; and tourism - the course aims to help students better live and study in China and promote mutual communication.
Chinese Grammar and Vocabulary There is a strong focus on vocabulary and grammar in this module which is aimed at basic level students who know little or no Chinese. A multi-way teaching method will be adopted to motivate learners’ interest, including basic topics, sentence-forming exercises, computer-aided presentations and interactive games about new words learned.
Intercultural comparison and management This module examines the economic, political, legal, and technological environments in which multinational corporations operate. Special emphasis is be placed on cross-cultural communication and negotiation, including how to deal with communication barriers caused by individual differences in their cultural background. Students will also come to understand corporate social responsibility in the context of multiculturalism.
Entrepreneurship and business plan design Students will receiving training to prepare comprehensive business plans. The students are expected to develop an understanding of the concepts associated with business planning to enable them to relate these ideas to practice. From concept and design of plans through to evaluation and critical analysis of exploring their own entrepreneurial capability, students will gain a great insight to the nature and characteristics of the entrepreneur.

Download Full module listing here!


How do I qualify?

Academic requirements: Successful completion of High School with good grades. Students are also required to provide a personal statement.
English requirements: IELTS 6.0 or equivalent. Students with an IELTS score of 5.5 should apply for Pre-Sessional English.
Age 17 years and above

Please note: applicants may be required to undertake an admission interview on a case-by-case basis.


When can I start?

This is a 4-year programme

Start date Term dates Fees
September 2016 September - July RMB 64,000 per year
(approx £6,637 per year)
(approx US $10,005 per year)

Please note course fees are pegged against China RMB. Prices in other currencies are subject to currency fluctuations.

Tuition fees do not include:

  • Text books – RMB 800 per year (approx £80 / US $135)
  • Application fee – RMB 1,000 (approx £100 / US $164)
  • Registration fee – RMB 400 (approx £40 / US $64 approx)
  • Accommodation - find out more about our accommodation at DUFE


Career prospects

In a rapidly-changing global economic environment, where it is increasingly important to understand the international perspective, a postgraduate degree gained outside your own country will be an invaluable asset on your CV.

The masterclasses delivered by leading professionals will enhance your knowledge of real life scenarios and ultimately contribute to your future employability and networking opportunities.

  • The world’s leading economy and a driver of economic opportunities in your own country and in China
  • Over the past 10 years, China’s economy has grown 7 times faster than America’s (316% growth vs. 43%)
  • Join the 328,330 international students already studying in China

Lifestyle: An ancient culture, modernising fast

  • By the end of 2012, there were 1.1 billion mobile phone users in China – double the combined number oPic9f people in the United States and Japan
  • By 2020 it is predicted that China will account for 19% of the global demand for all luxury goods
  • More than 300 million people use blogs and social networking sites – that’s approximately the combined population of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom
  • China’s first Starbucks opened in 1999 – 14 years on, there are now 850 outlets across 70 Chinese cities
  • In the past year China has overtaken the UK to join the list of the world’s top five wine-consuming nations
  • Learn about China – living in China is the best way to learn about its fascinating culture, language (all students learn mandarin alongside their medical studies) and history whilst studying towards an internationally relevant degree
  • Embrace the exciting opportunity and experiences

This popular course will fill up quickly so apply now!

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