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English Medium Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program in China Universities

Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. This field first became an identifiable occupation in the latter half of the 19th century after commercialization of the electric telegraph, the telephone, and electric power distribution and use. Subsequently, broadcasting and recording media made electronics part of daily life. The invention of the transistor and, subsequently, the integrated circuit brought down the cost of electronics to the point where they can be used in almost any household object.

Electrical engineering has now subdivided into a wide range of subfields including electronics, digital computers, power engineering, telecommunications, control systems, RF engineering, signal processing, instrumentation, and microelectronics. The subject of electronic engineering is often treated as its own subfield but it intersects with all the other subfields, including the power electronics of power engineering.

1. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics


Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
This program aims to train advanced engineers and technical talents in electrical and automation electronic engineering, and can be engaged in a wide variety of careers, such as electrical, electronic, software, control systems and manufacturing engineering. Specializations range from automation to power generation and from communications to manufacturing, as well as management.

Main Courses
Advanced Mathematics, Elementary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, College Physics, Circuit Analysis, Foundation of Electrical Machinery & Towage, Analog Electronic Technology, Digital Electronic Technology, Principle of Automatic Control, Electrical Power Engineering, Principle of , Power Electronics, Electrical Power Towage Automatic Control System.

Practice, course design, surveying and mapping practice, graduation practice, graduation design. 

Graduates can be comprehensive talents to make research in the electrical field, maintain and control system in the enterprise, develop new device in the electrical institute or make teaching in the university. 

Entry Requirements
  • All applicants must be in good health
  • Above 18 years old and under the age 25
  • With high school graduation certificate, passing the exams of mathematics, physics and English
Duration and Tuition Fee - 4 Years / RMB 21,800 Per Year


2. Beihang University, Beijing


Bachelor Program of Electronic Information Engineering
Introduction to School of Electronics and Information Engineering:
School of Electronics and Information Engineering (SEIE) of Beihang University (originally Department of Electronic Engineering) is one of the earliest department of aeronautic electronic engineering founded in China, which has a history of 50 years.
SEIE composes of more than ten multidiscipline research laboratories and centers including a national open laboratory for electronic system and measurement-control technology, an key avionics laboratory of aviation ministry, a teaching center of experiment and practice, GPS research center, BUAA-Angilent electronic R&D center, Ansoft-BUAA training center and Willim C.Y. Li communication R&D center, etc.
SEIE has 146 faculty and staff members, including 23 professors and 55 associate professors, in which 22 professors are doctoral supervisors. The school has already cultivated more than 10000 undergraduates, graduates, doctors and post-doctoral fellows. The number of the students in campus is 960 for undergraduate students and more than 1000 for Master and Ph.D. candidates.
In SEIE, Long term academic exchanges, joint laboratories and contracted projects have been established and performed with reputed universities, research institutes and industries in China and abroad. 

Main Courses:
Advanced Mathematics for Engineering, Introduction to China, Chinese, Introduction to Aeronautics and Astronautics B, University Computer Foundation, Engineering Experience and Cognition, Introduction to Electronic Information Engineering, Advanced Mathematics, Advanced Algebra, University Physics for Engineering, C Programming Language, Introduction to Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Technology Practice A, Probability Statistics A, Computer Software Technical Basics, Circuit Analysis, Signals and Systems, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Analog Electronic Circuit, Basic Practice on Electrical Technology, Electronic Technology Practice, Stochastic Process, Digital Circuit, Microwave Technology, Electronic Measure, Principle of Automatic Control, Principle and Interface Technique of Microcomputer, Digital Signal Processing, The Foundation of Information Theory, Image Processing, Advanced Embedded System, Foundation of Electronic Design Automation, Principle of Communication, Radio Navigation, Antennas and Feed System for Communication, Networks and Network Management, Telemetry and Telecommand System, Software Radio Fundamental, The Theory and Application of DSPs, Graduation Thesis.

Entry Requirements
  • The applicant is expected to study hard, observe the Chinese laws and the regulations of Beihang University.
  • The applicant should have the equivalent of a high school education.
  • The applicant should be 18 to 25 years old.
  • The applicant should have good command of English and have the ability to take courses in English. All the applicants should pass the English Level Test at the beginning of the first semester at Beihang University.

Duration and Tuition Fee - 4 Years / RMB 30,000 Per Year




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