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The Wuling Mountains ( 武陵山脉) is a mountain range located in Central China, running from Chongqing Municipality and East Guizhou to West Hunan. They are home to many ethnic groups, including as the Tujia, Han, Miao, Dong, and Bai.

The Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Wuling Mountain Range noted for its more than 3,000 quartzite sandstone pillars and peaks across most of the site, along with many ravines and gorges between them with streams, pools and waterfalls.

Located in Miyun County some 150 kilometers east of Beijing, Wuling Mountain is a national-level forest reserve. What distinguishes the reserve from other similar mountain resorts in suburban Beijing is its many creeks, waterfalls and moisture-rich air. 

Regards as a famous mountain from of old, The Wuling mountain was originally known as the Fuling mountain. A patriarch of a Buddhist sect in the Ming Dynasty, chose this mountain as a place to search for "enlightenment", and it is cloudy and foggy all the year round, the mountain then began to be called the Wuling Mountain.

In 1645, the Qing government made this place a forbidden area. More than 200 years later, it becomes a beautiful natural scenery with numerous trees, springs and animals. Here keeps a complete forest ecological system of temperate zone, earning the reputation of "Gene Bank of Species in North China".

Covering an area of 140 square kilometers, The Wuling Mountain have many scenic attractions. The southern slope is called Wanhuatai, and the northern slope, Qingliangjie. The four scenic areas include Waitao Peak(Main peak), Xianren Pagoda, Dragon's Pool and Qingliangjie; the seven scenes include Wuling Sea of Clouds, Sunrise at Wuling, Snow-covered Wuling, Wuling Buddha Radiance, and Wuling Forest, Sunset at Wuling, and Wuling in autumn. There are more than 100 scenic spots such as Xianren Pagoda, Waterfall at the Dragon’s Pool, Qibufen Peak, etc.

Below are photos of the stunning views of Wuling Mountains.










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