Explore China - 10 of The Most Spectacular Villages Across China

With over 1.3 billion people, more Chinese people are actually live in the‪ ‎countryside‬ than in cities. The following is a list of villages in ‪‎China‬ that have uniquely distinctive features.

1. Monolith village


Stone city in Baoshan, Yunnan Province: The entire village, which has over a hundred residents, is built on a huge fungus-shaped monolith that has only one way out on its south side.

2. Fossil village


Laoxudian cottage in Shiping county, southern Yunnan Province: An archeology expert who visited the village two years ago claimed that local residents would built their houses using a type of fossil, which seems inexhaustible in that area.

3. Cliff village


Hongde village in Shuicheng county, Guizhou Province: With the nearest train station only two kilometers away, the village may not seem that remote. However, the route is divided by a huge canyon, and villagers had to travel across it on a makeshift rope way until the provincial government decided to build a bridge in 2012.

4. Roman village


Zhelaizhai village in Yongchang county, Gansu Province: The village is inhabited by a rather unique group of people who reportedly descend from Roman origin. Some scholars argue that the village is the defunct ancient county of Liqian, where Roman war prisoners were located.

5. Last ‘cavemen tribe’ in China


Dongmiaozhai in Ziyun county, Guizhou Province: It is arguably the last cavemen community in China, or even in Asia! Now it still has 21 families living inside the cave. Residents first moved there to escape bandits.

6. Round village


Jujing village in Wuyuan county, Jiangxi Province: The village is located at the picturesque tourism city Wuyuan, and has a very spectacular circular shape.

7. “Family-planning village


Zhanli village, Guizhou Province: It is famous for its very successful population stability efforts. The village had 720 people in 1950, and in 1988, the number is 721. In the last ten years there are only 10 more newborn residents. The population growth rate is indefinitely close to zero, as all of the family strictly adhere to their own family planning policies.

8. Raft villages


Sandu’Ao in Ningde, Fujian Province: The whole village is floating on the sea. Actually it is one of the largest fish farms in China, with over 8,000 fishermen building their houses on the water.

9. Lightning village


Leigongtan, Meiling mountain, Jiangxi Province: The unfortunate village is famous for its tragic history of lightning accidents - with many villagers injured by lightning and forced to move away. Now it has only eight people living there regularly.

10. Undersea village


Along a part of the coastline in Haikou city of Hainan Province, 72 villages sank into the sea in a devastating earthquake 400 years ago. Today, those relics can still be found when the tide goes out.

Source - cctv news

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