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As global interest in China and its ancient history grows, more foreign students are coming to the country to further education and learn about its rich culture and heritage. Likewise, foreign expats looking for career opportunities in China also on the rise. 

The increasing trends has prompted the need to feature a documentary program with a story line based on foreigners and to record their real life stories in China.

"Foreigner in China" is a production of China Central Television, the first China's foreign-oriented documentary program. 

This program aims to record the real lives story of foreigners in China, with a personalized perspective showing the profound traditional culture, a reflection of contemporary China's development and changes, as well as China’s openness and inclusiveness.  

This program set to provide a platform for all "foreigners in China" to display and feature their personalization and how they immerse themselves into a foreign culture while living in China.

Watch some of the videos here and see how foreigners immerse and integrate their daily life, overcome challenges, set sight and eventually settle down for good in China. Watch some of the videos here!

What made him give up a 7-year major in TCM and open a Chinese snack fried stuffed bun shop? Watch his real story here!

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