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Fresh students are registering at University Town Campus of SCUT

From September 8th to 9th, over 10,000 fresh students registered at SCUT, including 6,193 undergraduate students and 4,553 graduate students. 628 of them are PhD Students.

The leading role of this year's registration is the ones who were born in and after 1997. Over 55% of the registered undergraduate students were born in 1997, with 36% of their classmates born in 1996, and 8% born in 1998.

The male to female ratio among the new students of SCUT now reaches 3: 2, while the male and the female students are almost evenly split in University Town Campus.

Du Xiaoming, the Chairperson of University Affairs Committee, and Wang Yingjun, the President of the University, were present on the registration venues to welcome the students and to instruct the work. Associate Chairpersons of University Affairs Committee Zhang Zhengang and Yu Qijun, as well as Vice President Qiu Xueqing also inspected the welcoming work.


Chairperson Du Xiaoming talking with the fresh students

On September 8th, Chairperson Du Xiaoming arrived at University Town Campus, inspecting the registration desks one by one. He was briefed by directors of schools on the general situation of the welcoming work. He also had talks with the faculty members and student volunteers who were working on site. 

On the same day in Wushan Campus, President Wang Yingjun inspected the welcoming work of graduate students at Sports and Recreational Center. Learning registration details of different schools, she showed praise to the staff members who served the welcoming work, and then took photos with some of the new students.


President Wang Yingjun seeing staff and students who work on registration

The academic year of 2015/2016 is the first time for School of Medicine to enroll new students. The opening enrollment includes 30 undergraduate students and 20 graduate students studying master and PhD degrees. 

Xie is from Yunnan Province, who was the 21st one among the new students registering at School of Medicine. 

“It’s a great honor to be one part of the earliest history of School of Medicine. I wish to continue my study for graduate education in the future, developing myself further in this discipline.” Xie said.


Twin students enrolled in SCUT School of arts

Sophia and Binna are two international students from Indonesia. Before enrolled at SCUT, they spent two years learning Chinese at Confucius Institute in Indonesia. Performing more excellent comparing with their classmates, they were recommended to study at SCUT for one year.

 “Coming to China and studying at SCUT are quite new experiences for us. It is challenging and exciting to study the Chinese language in China.” They said.


A new student is filling his personal information for registration

During this year's registration, new students are able to register by scanning their Citizen ID card, which simplifies the procedure and saves time. In addition, the university provides a WeChat subscription and an APP, both named as “SCUT Teaching Affairs”, for the students to learn more instant information about their incoming study.

 Students are also allowed to check the number of their dormitory building before registration. In recent years, the university has been giving many efforts to improve the facilities of student recommendation. After lengthening the beds in dormitory rooms in 2013, this year, the furniture in East Block 7 and Graduate Student Hostel 2 are also modified to be more suitable for residence.

Chinese version by SCUT News Center

Translated by Xu Peimu and Lin Jiaxin, Edited by Xu Peimu

From the SCUT News Network, September 14,2015

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