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Fudan University School of Management Maintain its Ranking in the 2015 Financial Times EMBA Top 100


SHANGHAI, Oct. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2015 Financial Times EMBA Ranking released on 19th October, 2015, Fudan University School of Management has retained its global top 100 position and ranked ahead with its multi-programs for the 4th consecutive year since 2012. A number of Chinese business colleges come out in front and hold a leading position in the ranking list. In the sight of industry experts, China's Business Administration Education is ushering in "good time" and EMBA degree will be required for top executive in the future.

Multiple Programs maintain its Global Top 100 for Four Years

Financial Times Global EMBA Ranking recognized as an authoritative ranking of Management education. Strict and scientific criteria have been set to evaluate aspect of comprehensive quality, career development of students, academic achievements, research capabilities, internationalization level, etc. Therefore, being ranked in top 100 means the business school is able to reach and exceed the criteria.

Since early 1990s, modern Western Management education began to be introduced to China. And after entering into 21st century, China's economy has ushered in a new round upsurge with rapid development. In order to cater for the urgent demand for modern systematic education of management knowledge of a large number of successful entrepreneurs and senior managers emerging in China, Fudan University School of Management, daring to be the first, introduces the EMBA courses not initiated in China, but from the United States and cooperates with the University of Washington Olin School of Business, which is ranked in the top 10 EMBA courses, through which a more solid foundation has been laid to clarify and practice the mission of "cultivating the senior management talents with both the international vision and deep understanding of China's national conditions."

Among the FT Global EMBA Ranking, Fudan University School of Management has always taken an important position in recent years. It introduced three programs at the same time to participate in the FT Global EMBA Project Ranking in 2012, for the first time and all of the three projects have been listed among the top 100 rankings. It is not only the first time in the history of Fudan University School of Management, but also the only business school to win the honor in Greater China. 

Remarkable achievements have been made in the ranking by Fudan University School of Management, especially that all of the projects have been ranked in the top 100 for the 4th consecutive year. Industry experts believe that not only proves that the comprehensive educational quality of Fudan University School of Management has reached global advanced level, recognized and supported by the international authoritative rankings, but also shows to the world the continuous development of Chinese management education and the improving management education level.

Business Administration Education in China Greets a Swift Development

According to the FT Global EMBA Project top 100 lists released in recent years, Business Management Education and Development in China has attracted tremendous attention.

13 projects from China ranked in 2015 FT Global EMBA Top 100 Ranking List, among which 10 projects ranked in global top 50. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese EMBA projects have taken 5 seats among the global top 10. The EMBA international project from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management has achieved first place globally for the first time. Also for the first time an EMBA project from Mainland China reached top place of FT global EMBA ranking list. China has 13 EMBA projects, ranking only second to the United States. Since 2006, the first year that Fudan University participated in the FT Global EMBA Project top 100 rankings, Chinese EMBA projects have been expanding rapidly. This project has been listed in global top 10 in the same year, occupied the 6th place this year, and ranked global top 20 for 10 consecutive years, proving and illustrating the rapid development and continuous improvement of Chinese EMBA education in recent 10 years.

The FT Global EMBA Ranking list over the last 10 years has reflected the development of the Chinese EMBA education. Despite a late start, China has developed very fast with sustained growth of student scale and stable promotion of teaching quality. China's modern management education, especially MBA education, has developed rapidly within just 25 years, growing out from nothing.

Data shows the ratio of MBA degrees granted accounting for the total master degree granted in recent 10 years since 2005 in China is 5% to 6%, also reflecting the influence and importance of the EMBA and MBA education on Chinese postgraduate education system.

Facing the future, business education in China still possesses great development potential. Currently China's economy continues to develop with a relatively high speed. A good trend of economic development means millions of enterprises and institutions of considerable scale need education management and talent management. Vigorous development of management education will be of great significance to accelerate the upgrading of China's economy and deal with the fierce international competition. - Fudan University School of Management

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