Graduation Gift of a Lifetime Season of Graduation

From the sole – an unusual tailor-made gift for graduates! 


For graduates from the Sports School of Chengdu University, there were neither gaudy performances in celebration of their graduation, nor long dull speeches during their commencement ceremony.

However, the students did find that their graduation was more than memorable, after they received a unique and tailor-made gift from the school – shoe insoles.


At the graduation ceremony earlier this week, Zhu Bin, the school’s vice-president, took 182 pairs of insoles handmade by Zhu’s 80-year-old mother, and gifted them to the graduates along with their diplomas.

Zhu said the handmade insoles not only convey his love for his students, but also indicate his high expectations for the young graduates about to step into society. He expressed his hope that each of his students could walk more steadily with the insoles, walking their own paths in life without taking any shortcuts, and relying on their own hard work.

“I hope that my students can have their own ideas and principles, but not always crave material goods,” Zhu added.

g4As surprised at these special handmade gifts as the graduates, many netizens were also moved by Zhu and his mother’s graduation gift.

“This is a gift that could be treasured for a lifetime because of its great significance,” said @CxunxiC.

“Society is noisy in this day and age. We really need to be steady, and just calm down,” @Hengjieweiyu commented, implying that people need to take their life and work seriously in the bustling surroundings of city life. - cctv news

Below are some of Chengdu University 2016 graduation photos










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