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Huazhong University of Science and Technology is a public, coeducational research university located in Wuhan, Hubei province, China. 

As a national key university, HUST is directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education of China. HUST manages Wuhan National Laboratories for Opto-electronics (WNLO) at Wuchang, which is one of the five national laboratories in China.

Huazhong University of Science and Technology was established as the Huazhong Institute of Technology in 1952.

In the year 2000 it merged with the Wuhan Urban Construction Institute Tongji Medical University and adopted its current name.

HUST is located in Wuhan, capital city of the Hubei Province, on the banks of the Yangtze River. Its main campus sits in a scenic spot near the East Lake, while its medical campus is based on the other side of the river, in the central business district of Hankou.

The university offers courses in 12 broad academic areas including: economics; education; philosophy; law; history; literature; agriculture; engineering; management; medicine; and the arts.

The institution houses more than 10 state-level research platforms, including the Center for Gravitational Experiments and the Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics.

HUST has four libraries: the Old Library, the Shaw Library (also known as the New Library), the Architecture Library and a Medical Library.

The Old library was built in the 1950s and resembles the architecture of the Soviet Union, while the The Shaw Library, built in the 1990s, is more modern. It was funded by Sir Run Run Shaw, a philanthropist who made his money in the entertainment industry. It houses more than 30 reading rooms, along with a multi-media centre.

HUST is known as the “university in the forest”, because its 470 hectare campus is so green.

Notable alumni of the university include Olympic gold medal-winning tennis player Li Ting, Australian and French Open winner Li Na, and former Chinese health minister Qian Xinzhong.


A. Chinese Training Program

Long-term Learning (one semester or above)

Rank Level Duration Class hours per week (45m/class) Courses
A None 20 - 22 Elementary Comprehensive Chinese
Chinese Listening
Chinese Speaking
Chinese Reading I
B 0.5 year 20-28 Elementary Comprehensive Chinese
Chinese Listening/Chinese Speaking
Chinese Reading Ⅱ
Elementary HSK
Scientific and Technological Chinese
1 year 24 Intermediate Comprehensive Chinese
Chinese Listening/Chinese Speaking
Chinese Reading Ⅰ
Intermediate HSK
Intermediate D 1.5 years 24 Intermediate Comprehensive Chinese
Chinese Listening
Chinese Speaking
Chinese Reading Ⅱ
Intermediate HSK
Intermediate E 2 years 22 Intermediate Comprehensive Chinese Ⅲ
News Listening
Oral Chinese and Chinese culture
Newspaper and Magazine Reading
Chinese Writing
Intermediate HSK
Advanced F 3 Years 10-30 Advanced Comprehensive Chinese
News Listening
Chinese Translation
Advanced Chinese Speaking
Newspaper & Magazine Reading and Thesis Writing
Advanced HSK

Admission Timeline

  • March 15th to July 15th for Autumn Semester (starting from September);
  • November 15th to January 15th for Spring Semester (starting from February).

Tuition Fees (RMB) 

Chinese Language student - 7,500 RMB/semester;  15,000 RMB/year

B. Chinese Training Programs (Bachelor's Degree)

1. Chinese Language and Literature 

2.Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Duration - 4 years

Tuition Fee - RMB 18,000 per year

English-medium Programs


C. HUST's Foundation Program

I. Program Description

This program provides a comprehensive English training featuring listening, speaking, reading and writing for the undergraduates who will major Telecommunication Engineering, Machine Design Manufacturing and Automation, Pharmacy, MBBS and Nursing taught in English. It aims at cultivating the students with a solid language basis and a general understanding of the theoretical knowledge of their future major. The five English-taught undergraduate programs above are the earliest programs in China for international undergraduate education and this foundation program is playing a vital role in preparing the students for the major study. 

II. Main Courses

1. Basic English:

  • Elementary English listening, Elementary English speaking, Elementary English reading, Elementary English writing

  • Intermediate English listening, Intermediate English speaking, Intermediate English reading, Intermediate English writing

2. Specialized English:

  • Medical English

3. Basic Knowledge of Major:

  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics

4. Chinese Language and Culture

  • Elementary Comprehensive Chinese, Brief introduction to Chinese Culture

III. Duration:

  • 16 weeks, 30 class hours/week (1 class hour=45 min)

IV. Tuition fee:

  • RMB 17500

V. Transcript & Certificate

  • The final score consists of two parts: 1/daily attendance and course test (50%) 2/final exam (50%)

  • Certificate of Completion will be granted to the students who pass the exams (more than 60/100)

  • Certificate of Study will be granted to the students who fail the exam (less than 60/100).


D. Undergraduate Programs (English-medium)

Programs  Duration (Years) Tuition (RMB/Year)
Telecommunication Engineering  4 30,000
Machine Designl Manufacturing and Automation  4 30,000
International Economics and Business 4 28,000
Pharmacy  4 35,000
Clinical Medicine(MBBS) 6 40,000
Nursing 4 30,000

*Note - For undergraduate programs, the university only offers admission for the autumn intake.

2017 Autumn Admissions Timeline 

  • Application & Submission Deadline: March 15th to July 31st, 2017
  • All the courses will start in September 2017. 


  • Non-Chinese Passport holders;
  • Applicants for Bachelor’s degree should be senior high school graduates or above and under the age of 30;
  • Good Health

Required Documents 

  • One photocopy of your passport (clearly scanned color copies);
  • An official certificate of your highest education; or an official Certificate of Enrollment for the ones still at school (clearly scanned color copies); 
  • Official transcripts (clearly scanned color copies);
  • English proficiency certificate for candidates of English instructed programs (English native speakers are exempted)

* Note 

- All certificates or Diploma issued in the third language should be notarized in Chinese or English editions. 

- The original copies must be provided to HUST for verification at the students’ registration in September. 

Language Proficiency 

Programs taught in Chinese: 

  • International students instructed in Chinese should learn Chinese language and pass the corresponding level of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) before starting their majors.
  • The students majoring in Science, Engineering, Economics and Management should pass an HSK Band 4 with a score of at least 180.
  • The students majoring in Literature, Philosophy and Law should pass an HSK Band 4 with a score of at least 210.

Programs taught in English: 

  • Good command of English; TOEFL, GRE, IELTS or other official English test recognized by HUST.

D. Master's Degree Programs (English-medium)

Programs Duration (Years) Tuition (RMB/Year) 
Inorganic Chemistry  2 38,000
Analytical Chemistry  2 38,000
Organic Chemistry  2 38,000
Physical Chemistry  2 38,000
High Polymer Chemistry and Physics  2 38,000
Chemical Biology  2 38,000
Chemical Engineering  2 38,000
Chemical Technology  2 38,000
Industrial Catalysis  2 38,000
Mechanical Engineering 2 38,000
Material Science  2 38,000
Materials Processing Engineering  2 38,000
New Energy Science and Engineering  2 38,000
Microbiology  2 38,000
Genetics  2 38,000
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  2 38,000
Biomedical Engineering  2 38,000
Ecology  2 38,000
Information and Communication Engineering 2 38,000
Control Science and Engineering 2 38,000
Computer Science and Technology 2 38,000
Architecture  2 38,000
Landscape Architecture  2 38,000
Urban Planning  2 38,000
Geotechnical Engineering  2 38,000
Structural Engineering  2 38,000
Management Science and Engineering  2 38,000
Intellectual Property Management 2 38,000
Technology Economy and Management 2 38,000
Enterprise Management  2 38,000
Western Economics  2 38,000
World Economy  2 38,000
Finance (including Insurance)  2 38,000
Industrial Economics  2 38,000
International Trade  2 38,000
Quantitative Economics  2 38,000
Administrative Management  2 38,000
Land Resources Management  2 38,000
E-Government  2 38,000
English Language and Literature  2 38,000
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics In Foreign Language  2 38,000
Marxism Philosophy  2 38,000
Anesthesiology 3 48,000
Chinese Pharmacy 3 48,000
Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics 3 48,000
Clinical Stomatology 3 48,000
Critical Care Medicine 3 48,000
Dermatology and Venereology 3 48,000
Emergency Medicine 3 48,000
Epidemiology and Health Statistics 3 48,000
Food Security and Management 3 48,000
Forensic Medicine 3 48,000
Health Inspection and Quarantine 3 48,000
Hospital Management 3 48,000
Hygiene Toxicology 3 48,000
Imaging and Nuclear Medicine 3 48,000
Immunology 3 48,000
Infectious Diseases 3 48,000
Internal Medicine 3 48,000
Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health 3 48,000
Medicinal Chemistry 3 48,000
Neurology 3 48,000
Nursing 3 48,000
Nutrition and Food Hygiene 3 48,000
Obstetrics and Gynecology 3 48,000
Occupational and Environmental Health 3 48,000
Oncology 3 48,000
Ophthalmology 3 48,000
Otolaryngology 3 48,000
Pediatrics 3 48,000
Pharmaceutics 3 48,000
Pharmaceutical Analysis 3 48,000
Pharmacognosy 3 48,000
Pharmacology 3 48,000
Social Medicine and Health Management 3 48,000
Surgery 3 48,000
Pathogenic Biology 3 48,000
Pathology and Pathophysiology 3 48,000

E. PhD Programs (English-medium)

  •  Business Administration
  • Management Science and Engineering
  • Western Economics
  • World Economy
  • Population, Resources and Environmental Economics
  • Regional Economics
  • Finance (including Insurance)
  • Industrial Economics
  • International Trade
  • Quantitative Economics
  • Administrative Management
  • Land Resources Management
  • Non-Traditional Security
  • E-Government

Tuition Fees - RMB58,000 per year   |    Duration - 2 to 3 years

HUST’s academic year begins in the autumn. For graduate and scholars, the university offers admissions both for the spring and autumn semesters. Please note the following important dates: 

Admission timeline 

  • 2016-2017 Spring Admission: November 15th, 2016 to December 31st, 2017 
  • 2017 / 2018 Autumn Admission: March 15th to July 15th, 2017 
  • The Spring Semester will start from February and the Autumn Semester from September. 


  1. Applicants for Master’s degree must have obtained Bachelor’s Degree and be under the age of 35. 
  2. Applicants for Doctoral degree must have obtained Master’s Degree and be under the age of 40. 
  3. Applicants for general scholar program should have completed at least 2 years of undergraduate study or have equivalent level of education and be under the age of 45. 
  4. Applicants for senior scholar program should have obtained Master’s Degree or above and be under the age of 50. 

Required Documents 

  1. One photocopy of your passport; 
  2. An official certificate of your highest education; or an official Certificate of Enrollment for the ones still on campus; 
  3. Official transcripts;
  4. Study Plan or Research Proposal; 
  5. Two Recommendation Letters from professors/associate professors; 
  6. Language Proficiency certificate (English native speakers are exempted for English-medium programs);

* Note that all certificates or Diploma issued in the third language should be notarized in Chinese or English editions. 

Language Proficiency

Chinese medium Programs: 

  • HSK 4 or above for medical, engineering, science, economics, management, law and Education programs
  • HSK 5 or above for Chinese literature, history, philosophy programs. 

English medium Programs: 

  • Good command of English; TOEFL, GRE, IELTS or other official recognized test holders are preferred

Accommodation fee:

TypeAccommodation fee per personFacility
Single room1200 RMB/monthWashing room, water heater, air conditioner, Internet, telephone, furniture.&l

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