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The greatness of the university lies more in its great masters than its grand buildings. Here in HUST,every HUSTer has the chance to attend the lectures given by the enlightening  scholars from all around the world. We have various series of inspiring lectures under the themes of University Humanistic Quality Education, The Scientific Spirit and the Practice,  Art and so on, which can broaden your horizon and cultivate your mind in an comprehensive way. 

Tips:You can pay close attention to the notice about the lecture attached on the bulletin board of the main teaching buildings like D9 and C12 , or follow the information on HUST Wechat ID or its blog.


Academic Competition

There are academic competitions of different sizes and various forms in the university each year, and among them the Fei Hang Cup and Qiu Shi Cup are the most influential.

Fei Hang Cup: It consists of over 60 competitions like English Listening and Speaking Speech, Clinical Skill Competition, Model United Nation Match, ACM Programming Competition that serve as the stage for the students to improve their innovating and practicing skills.

Qiu Shi Cup: It concludes two competitions namely Business Venture Plan Competition and  Extracurricular and Academic Contest.. While the former aims at raising the awareness of entrepreneurship , the latter focuses in tapping the potential for innovation and promoting the communication among the university students on campus.



If you want to watch the latest movies at low prices without going out of the campus, then please go to the Yun Yuan gymnasium in the east campus. Though  the facilities there are not competitive with those cinemas in Guanggu, it’s still a practical choice for students who want to experience the authentic school life. Tickets for two movies played nonstop on Friday and Saturday evening from 6p.m. to 10 p.m. are sold at the price of only 10 yuan at the gate of the gym.

Tips: The movies are played almost every week except when the gym is taken up for other student activities and a big notice about it will be put up at the east side of the eastern  playground  and  HUST network online like Wechat. In addition, the movies are not all in English and please check it before you buy the tickets.



Concerts are held in almost every semester in the campus, which are usually given by the School Art Troupe in HUST.The forms of the concert include chorus, symphony, folk music, piano solo and so on. Sometimes the lecturers mastering in music would give performance as well, and if you are lucky enough, you can attend the concert which is free and open to the students.


Culture Festival

The University holds Culture Festival lasting 4 months in the first half of each year, with the aim to “enrich campus culture , embody the spirit of the time, present the youth’s mien, and cultivate a comprehensive quality of the programs of science and technology, and humanities. Some of the activities have won great popularity among the students such as: the Competition for Top 10 Singers, the Youth Rhythm Gymnastics Competition, the Large Musical Instrument Concert at Zuiwan Pavilion, the Competition for Top 10 Hosts, Model Competition and Debate Competition.

The Association Union

The students' Association Union was founded in 1997, serving as the managing organization for over 80 associations on campus, including the qualification application, approval, supervision member recruitment,and evaluation for all the member associations. It not only safeguards the rights of the association members through regular Member Right Feedback Day, but also advocates the positive competition among various associations by organizing the Top 10 Association Selection, Approval of Level-A Association and so on. In addition, brand activities are conducted to benefit more students both on and off campus like  Association Culture Festival, Outstanding Association Show, Association Culture Show, Singing Competition Among Wuhan Top Universities and so on.


In September each year, there will be a large-scale association show and recruitment for new members on campus and for more information about the associations.

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