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There are many student canteens besides the three Muslin canteens, including Yunyuan, Xue1, Xue2, East 3, East 4, East Gardenand Dongli in the east of the campus, West1, West2, Baijing, Xiyuan and Baihui Gardenin the west of the campus. The food appeals extremely to our appetite and so does the environment.



Bakery, café and Canteen are also in great number inside the campus and they also provide delicious and inexpensive food to students, where the students can enjoy studying, chatting and reading etc.


Some student activities are frequently held in the cafes as well and you would feel the vigor and creativity of the youth by joining the activities like culture salon and music club etc.



Supermarket & Ji Mao

There are several supermarkets for students in each district, most of which locate just around the student dormitories and dinning rooms. Those supermarkets offer a complete list of goods with all kinds of stationeries and daily necessities available. Ji Mao is a big market for food, clothing, hardware, software, kitchen utensils, goods repairing and etc. In additional, Carrefour & Wal-Mart are also adjacent to our university.


Supermarket on Campus


Ji Mao

Shopping is convenient on campus with a number of supermarkets, stores and market near to the residence apartment that provide a full range of goods to the various needs from the customers. Shopping off the campus will also be a relaxing and fantastic experience for you with a great number of stores, shopping malls and commercial streets nearby. For instance,  Optics Valley Commercial Zone just in the opposite of the campus, is in pocession of the longest commercial street in the world that has attracted thousands of university students around everyday.


Optics Valley Commercial Zone near the University


Commercial Street in Optic Valley Commercial Zone


Han Street

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