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Publish Time : 2016-05-18


What is the most attracted to international students when mentioning China? It is Chinese culture. Honored with five thousand years of civilization, China has its unique traditional arts which are still shining such as the Chinese calligraphy, Ink and Wash painting, Ceramic craft, Chinese embroidery and so on.  

Students who went to Foshan got the opportunity to experience some of the Chinese traditional arts including calligraphy, Ink and Wash painting, Ceramic craft and Chinese embroidery.


Joined by Chinese students, international students practiced the Chinese Calligraphy. Holding Chinese brush pen,they started from some basic Chinese characters.


Beside the Chinese calligraphy, international students tried the China's traditional Ink and Wash painting. With a brush pen, a piece of paper, and a little imagination, wonders were created.


Needles,colorful cotton threads and a piece of cloth make up the Chinese embroidery. Chinese embroidery, a folk art with a long tradition, has an important position in the history of Chinese arts and crafts. In its long development embroidery has been inseparable from silkworm raising and silk reeling and weaving. 

Such a precious opportunity to experience the Chinese culture!

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