Is Tertiary Education a Boon or a Bane? My 2 Cents View

Aug 18, 2015,  By A fellow undergraduate

Education is an essential requirement for the youngsters to lead a prosperous life in future. Are you all aware that the wrong choice of education path will lead one to a miserable condition where at one point, your education which is reckoned to be the ticket for a fine life entrance, will turn out to become your foe?

Now let me shed some light on this point in a deeper context, a much more wider invisible area. It is very common for a student to grow up to have aspiring dreams to live a very successful life. Often the kids make a wrong move by taking up professional route as the only key to embrace victory. Sadly, in numerous occasions, it is not merely because of passion but the social class which acts as a mirage actually.

It is no longer arduous for one to be a degree holder as we can see tertiary level education institutions everywhere on the street. The number of really qualified schools is another complex story. Let me come back to it in a different article.

A decision to accept the ‘attractive’ offer in a top-notch private college will of course award you a degree, but along with a huge debt. Generally, the cost to pursue degrees in these ‘high class’ universities (in the perception of students and parents) is six times more the price in public institutions.

I agree that not every one of us will be placed in a public institutions with an option of our choice. At the same time, it doesn’t make any sense to go and fall in a trap of debt. With the burden of carrying a large amount on your shoulder to be settled, how can you even think of owning a car and a house in the future?

Next, the inability to break the challenges to enroll in a public institution, will automatically drive a student to opt for private institution with the reason of getting an education loan without a hitch. Remember a loan is also called a debt and needs to be paid back. The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) which was a saviour once for these students, is no longer providing complete financial loans, where the most you can get is only up to 75 percent.

Enormous education debt is the greatest setback of human capital development and financial growth of a community, and countless students are becoming the victims of this dilemma. This is one of the reason why the young graduates are stumbling now after entering the job market. Their socio-economic development will be weakened drastically by educational debt.

Gone are the days where a degree only is good enough to secure a promising job but in this highly competitive era, skills will feed you and not your paper qualification. Remember the fact and stop running after the delusion of becoming known professionals.

There are tonnes of opportunities available under the sun where you would have not even heard the name of the courses. Explore the available opportunities with a minimal price and make a wise decision before enrolling in private education institution. It is crucial to invest sensibly in the business of education to avoid plights in the future. Remember, a private education institution is not supposed to be the first choice of a student. Source - malaysiakini

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