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The graduation season is in full swing. For the graduates, regardless of the great moments they shared together: the joy, the happiness, the sadness, the pain, they have to say goodbye. And this might be hard indeed. No matter how reluctant they are to leave the campus, it’s time for this group of graduates to spend the remaining amazing days on campus, then officially leave WHU and set off on their new journeys.

The graduate students majoring in Finance at the School of Economics and Management commemorate their last memory at WHU in a special and interesting way.




Students are dressed in the school uniforms common during the Chinese Republican period. Their choice of fashion is an expression of the “Vintage Campus Style”. They also ingeniously pose themselves in the photos, to create the shapes of the letters “WHU”, then the numbers:”2015” and “3” (for their class number).



The photos of their dressing the T-shirts for 2015 WHU Graduation in the Campus Library Hall and along the East Lake bank also reveal the graduates’ energy and endless possibilities in the future.

Fun and creative ideas come out, just for dispel the sentimental moods of the graduation season.



“I just want to do some special things for my class and for WHU before I leave my beloved Alma Mater. Most of the creative ideas for  the photos were collected by my classmates in advance and in this respect, I want to thank especially to my partner Xu Youwei. It was a muggy day and the whole shooting process was difficult due to the intense heat making us sweat abundantly. But we braved them all and filled our day with laughter. It’s my pleasure to help preserve the last memory at WHU for everyone in my class, and I hope everyone faces a promising future. ” said Song Xuan, one of the photographers.


(Photographed by Song Xuan, Xu Youwei. Edited by Diana & Sijia Hu)

(The last photo was forwarded to us by the graduates from the class of Public Finance Major at the  School of Economics and Mangement. Photographer: Wang Yimo)

Author:Luoxi Zhang, Source - Wuhan University

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