It just struck me, It struck everyone

It just struck me

Back in the days when there were only five universities in Malaysia (UM, UKM, USM, UPM and UTM), the very best were chosen to study abroad. The next best went to the five universities. Those who could not gain entry into the universities went to ITM, Teachers Training Colleges and various other colleges and polytechnics.

Those who failed to gain entry into any of the institutions would get a job or would re-sit their entry exams, whether MCE or HSC (now SPM and STPM respectively).

Now, everybody, Tom, Dick, Hairy or Otherwise get to enter universities.

And the universities try their best to pass all of them because they need the statistic to make their advertisements look good.

By Art Harun (

It struck everyone

To add to miseries, nowadays parents paying high tuition fees for their children to get tertiary education but without the quality of campus life. Many of the private universities/colleges have only lecture halls and tutorial rooms. Day in day out, it's like going to office and study environment simply not conducive.

Who borne the high cost of education fairs/roadshows and who benefited? Who borne the cost of daily education advertisement in mainstream papers and who benefited? Who benefited from study loan? Surely, it is not you and me.

So why need to burden yourself or your parent with study loan? Why pay so much if you have the option to attain a quality degree with affordable tuition fees? Why not getting from the best of both worlds, a fulfilling campus life with affordable fee?

Spending your four years bachelor degree at a university with wholesome campus is "a must" way to attain a good quality education. A good quality education is not just the number of hours you spend in lecturer hall. It is more than that. Don't just confine yourself to a office-like university.

Search around and you will be able to find a university that can give you a wholesome campus life, good quality that recognized internationally, affordable tuition fees, overseas exposure and opportunity to meet students from various countries.

When you look back, it will make you cherish the unforgettable moments and leave plenty awesome stories to tell as life in university is yet another wonderful moment in our life.

In life, we need vitamin sea to make us going!