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1. Introduction of Jiangsu University

Jiangsu University (JSU) is located in Zhenjiang city of Jiangsu Province, China. JSU is renowned for its English taught programs with 13 bachelor courses ranked amongst the top English courses offered in China. Currently, over 2,000 international students from more than 114 countries study bachelor, master, PhD and non-degree courses on campus. The university is gaining popularity for innovative teaching and colourful college life. Mixing classwork with proper immersion in extracurricular activities has always been proven to be the best academic system with the most promising results. This is actually how our success works.

With over 100 years of history, JSU has developed into a comprehensive university. Located in a pleasant city, Zhenjiang provides students with more chance to experience typical Chinese culture and heritage. JSU's rankings are taking pace to the top rapidly. Currently, JSU is listed in the world's top 1 000 universities; Asia's Top 200 and also Top 200 in universities among BRICS and Emerging Economies according to the Times Higher Education.

JSU enjoys a national reputation of being among the top research-based academic institutions for engineering sciences with several innovation awards and patents for its achievement and contribution to China. Other academic disciplines have also witnessed considerable growth in their research faculty and the quality of graduates they turn out yearly. This has continually made the university enjoy an influx of international students from all continents with resultant increased growth in linkages and exchange programs with other educational institutions around the world.

2. Pre-University Foundation Program

Prepare for your college study in a dynamic, supportive environment. JSU offers non-credit pre-university courses, and are designed as refresher courses for students who need improvement in the subjects considered essential for related first-year courses at JSU. At the end of the course, students who wish to take bachelor degree courses at JSU will have to apply for the "Admission Entrance Exam for Overseas Students". Students who score well in this exam will be admitted to the next intake for bachelor degree students.

Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English or Chinese Language

Duration: 2 semesters

Fees: 15,000 CNY

Intake: March (1 semester, 7,800 CNY) and September

3. English-medium Undergraduate Degrees at Jiangsu University

Bachelor programs in English medium are organized into six groups:

Group Categories Majors Duration Tuition Fee
Business and Economics 1. Accounting
2. Business Administration
3. Corporate Finance
4. E-Commerce
5. International Economics & Trade 
4 years  RMB18,000
per year 
2 Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics  6. Mechanical Design, Manufacturing & Automation
7. Materials Science and Engineering
4 years RMB 20,000
per year
3 Food, Chemistry and Pharmacy 8. Chemical Engineering & Technology
9. Food Science & Engineering
10. Pharmacy 
4 years RMB 20,000 to 
RMB 22,000
per year
4 Computer Science 11. Computer Science & Technology 4 years RMB 20,000
per year
5 Civil Engineering 12. Civil Engineering 4 years RMB 20,000
per year
6 Medicine 13. Clinical Medicine (MBBS) 6 years RMB 34,000
per year

3.1 What Makes JSU s Bachelor Programs Unique

Hands-on Experience

We take education out of the classroom and into the professional world by placing our education in experiential learning and internships.

Better Understanding

Our students learn basic and advanced professionalism and the impact of education on an organization's profitability and sustainability.

Responsible Best-practices

The importance of ethical, social, moral and personal responsibility is integrated throughout the coursework. It's embedded in our classrooms and within our experiential learning activities.

Global Perspective

We delve into the global environmental impact on study fields. Our courses impart knowledge about how practices differ from other countries and cultures.

Integrated Curriculum

We establish principles for each major, and these become themes that are pursued through the curriculum and any experiential experiences. It is part of our effort to help students retain what they are learning and to offer them a foundation to draw upon throughout their collegiate career and beyond.

3.2 Master Programs - English-medium Master Program at Jiangsu University

4. On-Campus Accommodation

LONG-TERM ACCOMMODATION: RMB 4,500 or RMB 4,900 per person per academic year (Double-room)