Luojia Autumn International Cultural Festival

Luojia Autumn International Cultural Festival held at Wuhan University

From Nov. 22nd to Nov. 23rd,the 10th Luojia Autumn International Cultural Festival was held in Meiyuan, Wuhan University. This year’s theme was “Diversity and Harmony, Interaction and Integration”. International students from 44 countries and regions put up booths to exhibit and sell traditional food and crafts endemic to their own cultures.

For the first time in the event’s history, this year it took place in Meiyuan instead of the Guiyuan Playground. Despite the narrow space, all participants, both international students and visitors, enjoyed themselves in a festive atmosphere. Beside the traditional food, crafts and dances had been on display. The international students themselves were another point of attention, especially for the visitors keen on taking selfies with them (the international students were usually dressed in traditional costumes). Jim Hyun Hee, a Chinese major freshman, told our journalists that the traditional costume she was wearing was made for special or grand occasions like this cultural festival. The ladies in the Thailand booth were equally eye-catching. “This is the second time I participated in this event,” said Lin Zhihui, a junior at the School of Medicine, “all the accessories and domestic products in our booth were mailed from Thailand by my friends, and they are a huge hit!”

The event was highly welcomed by students of Wuhan University. Hu Ziru, a student of the School of Law came to this grand feast, and he told us: “The most interesting and meaningful part of the International Cutural Festivel is that it provides us WHUers with an opportunity to experience different cultures in different countries, as well as to enjoy their particular charm. Meanwhile, we are able to talk with people coming from various nations and ethnic groups and learn about their local customs, which is a good way to expand our awareness of cultures word-wide." Hu also mentioned: “It’s a pity it rained in the course of the activity, and another disadvantage was the site: too small to welcome so many visitors.”

This year celebrates the 10th anniversary of Wuhan University’s Autumn Cultural Festival. Founded in 2004, the event aimed at enhancing the mutual understanding between students coming from different cultural backgrounds, with the international students as the major body and international cultural exchange as the main theme. It has long become a distinctive brand in terms of campus activity in Wuhan University and an important event for international students. In 2009, it was appointed a major provincial level exchange program by the municipal government of Hubei.


Ladies in traditional costumes


An international student from Kazakhstan won the title of “best-looking male student”


The “Passport of the Autumn International Cultural Festival” was available for 10 RMB at the reception desk. The passport could be used to get stamps, or in some cases, nice words like “love you” or “thank you”, from each of the booths visited


Chocolate, candies, Vodka and Russian-style wine jar were available at the Russian booth


In the Chinese booth, one could have the Chinese characters “中国”written on their passport in Chinese calligraphy



International students from Cote d'Ivoire danced to the music played from Senegal’s traditional instrument, attracting a great number of visitors



One could have his or her hands tattooed using henna at the Malaysian booth

Source - Wuhan University

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