Malaysian Students - After a Year

Malaysian Students - One Year After Study Abroad in China
Posted on 04 Aug 2014

Today marks exactly 11 months since we left our comfort zone behind to study abroad in Wuhan, China. Added into our mix feeling of curiosity, nervous, eagerness and etc were the fact that we are thousands of miles away from home, without our usual families members, friends and their companies. It means a lot for us leaving behind our comfort zone for the first time to pursue our dream to become a doctor one day.

We are lucky in the sense that we went abroad with a group of 19 of us from Malaysia to study in the same subject in the same intake year. We can't imagine what if anyone of us go as a lone ranger in a foreign country. It must be very lonely indeed!

While in Wuhan, we leaned support and helped each other to overcome the fear of being in foreign land in particular the home sick syndrome. We stayed together, going through thick and thin together, attended classes and went to gym together. All these bonded so well in us.

During weekend we gathered around for activities like window shopping, explore street foods in Wuhan and celebrate festivals like Malaysia Day, Mid Autumn Festival. Occasionally, we also cooked and shared foods with our friends from other nations.

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Malaysian Students in China
photo 13

Malaysia Medical Students in Lab Coat

photo 12

Buddy roomates

photo 11

The famous street food in Wuhan

photo 14

Explore street food in Wuhan

photo 15

Jiau Zhi - RMB10 per tray



Mid Autumn festival celebration in Wuhan - 2013

On 02 July 2014, we completed our hectic schedules of 1st year MBBS at Wuhan university. What a big relieve was the feeling after sitting the last examination paper. We look forward to enjoy our usual stuffs back home in Malaysia with families and friends for a 2 months summer break.

We finally on the journey and flown back home to Malaysia via Cathay Pacific Airlines on 04 Jul 2014 for the first summer vacation. The flight from Wuhan-Hong Kong-KLIA took almost 8 hours as there is no direct flight from Wuhan-KLIA. Some of our adventurous buddies took a longer road home. Their adventure was like a Silk Road journey where they took train from Wuhan city to Nanning city and then flown back via Airasia and the whole journey took almost 26 hours to reach home. 

Below are some of our selfie pictures.


Soaring High Up The Blue Sky





photo 4

Travel home by train - The journey from Wuhan ----> Nanning -----> Kuala Lumpur (Air Asia)

photo 3

Breathtaking view taken from the train



We had a great and fruitful year in Wuhan in both studying and exploring China. In 1st semester, our schedules were lighter compared with 2nd semester where in 2nd semester we took 7 papers and the schedules were really pack and hectic. In 1st semester we had more spare time to explore the city of Wuhan which is totally alien to us. We have no language barrier at all when explore the city of Wuhan as all of us had studied Putonghua for many years in Malaysia before came to China.

The ice-breaking activities were in the pipeline where it came one after another. When you are abroad, you have the opportunity to live and discover a place for a finite amount of time, and it is especially important to say yes to an invitation or an event that comes up even if you are not feeling particularly up for it or necessarily interested in it.

Below are the pictures of birthday party invitations and Freshmen party for Wuhan MBBS students 2014 gathering.


Birthday celebration






Freshmen party for Wuhan medical students 2014









Back home in Malaysia, we had our first gathering @ Mid Valley Mega Mall. We enjoyed 'yamcha' at the Nana's green tea house while chit chatting about our life back in Malaysia as we are not seeing each other for a few weeks after back from Wuhan. Then, we went for karaoke session till late night. It was an awesome gathering!






In a month time from now, we will be back to Wuhan for our 2nd year MBBS. We are going to miss our families, friends plus Malaysian food once again and the reluctant feeling of leaving home soon will .... bother us once again :(........ Nevertheless, the desire feeling of going back to enjoy our exciting and amazing university life in Wuhan also rooted deep in our mind :).......

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