Malaysian Students - Second Year Into MBBS Degree at Wuhan University

In September 2013, a group of Malaysian students went to China to study English medium MBBS program. These self-funded students left behind their family members, friends and comfort zone to adapt a new lease of life in foreign land and will be stayed in China for the next 6 years to pursuit their dream.

Being new in a foreign land, these unsophisticated and inexperienced young students with an average tender age of 18 years old were naive, clueless and wondering what would be their life as student in China. Little did they know, they can so easily adapted into the new environment as a student. In study, they interact well with school teachers and mixed very well with international students from other continents of the world. They also learned a hard lesson and valuable experience in life - "to be independent without family members". 

Below pictures paint a thousand words above their exciting and fascinating student life at Wuhan University, China.


Malaysia students selected to kick-start the 2014 International Multi-Cultural Performance at Wuhan University with the title " Malaysian Chabor"


Malaysian students celebrate Winter Solstice 2014 in Wuhan China


Tasty "Tong Yuen" prepared by Malaysian students


Christmas celebration with international students


New Year 2015 celebration


Barter trade with Thai/Myanmar students


Wuhan University - welcoming party for medical students batch 2013/2014

Knowing with the fact that medical studies is the one of the most difficult subject and career path for them but these have not dampen their spirit and aspiration to become a doctor one day. It is their childhood dream to become a doctor that keep them going. Their consistent hard work and perseverance in study have finally paid off.

On 07 Jan 2015, the Wuhan Medical School for international students has revealed and published the list of international students who successfully secured a scholarship from Wuhan University for 2nd years onwards medical students. From the list of 64 students being awarded in various category of scholarships, there are 6 Malaysian students listed on the list of academic year 2013/2014.


The full list of student names is withheld for confidentiality 

It is well known fact that unless you are a bright student, scholarship or financial assistance to study abroad is very competitive and its availability is scarce. Scholarships are only for the most exceptional students and the truth is you must be an all-rounded and an excellent student to win a scholarship.

Each year whether rain or shine, Wuhan University is set to provide scholarships for students who excel and outstanding in study as well as to students who actively participated and involved in various school activities. The objective behind this noble cause is Wuhan University understood well the need of providing motivation and encouragement to international students who travel thousands kilometers away from home to study in China. With this scholarship, students are set to appreciate more on the opportunities available to them.


Although the amount offered is not akin to full waiver of tuition fee, the scholarship or I shall refer it as financial assistance given to students is certainly a big boost to students to strike to do better in both academic and involvement in school extra curriculum activities in coming years. 

For students who able to secure scholarship or financial assistance to study abroad, then they have removed an obstacle and financial burden in study abroad and can be more focus in studies and enjoy the memorable years to pursue their dream in overseas.

Malaysian student, Lee Tung Yi a second year MBBS student commented after receiving the good news and said "Happy of course and I never expect to get the first category of scholarship. It is an honor and recognition for me from Wuhan University. The scholarship offered by Wuhan University is certainly a timely encouragement and motivation for us as medical studies is getting harder and tough each day. I will strike to do better in coming years in order to make my parents in Malaysia be proud of me". 

Another Malaysian scholarship recipient from Wuhan University, Khoong Yi Min commented "I was really shocked to see my name on the list. It is an honor to be recognized for my efforts and hard work as medical student. It is an uphill climb, but well worth every moment".

The rest of the Malaysian students listed on the scholarship list for academic 2013/2014 are Chin Hui Yen, Ch'ng Lay Yee, Chua Xian Qun and Ko Yun Zhen. 

Malaysian Chabors "BOLEH".


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