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The 21st century is the “Asian century”.

A World Economic Forum (WEF) report on the rise of Asia as a powerhouse of international education published on 20 June notes some remarkable statistics coming from Asian education institutions.

"China is now responsible for more than 20% of the world’s scientific publications. It has just overtaken the US as home to the most researchers in the world.

"South Korea is now one the most research-intensive economies in the world, according to a UNESCO report, while Singapore has just claimed the top two positions in the 2016 Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings," the WEF report states.

By now our readers are probably wondering, is Malaysia on the list? Given the bad press that our local higher education system often gets, many of us might be excused for thinking the worst.

While Malaysia did not make it into the Top Ten ranking, we are represented in the Top 100.

University Teknologi Malaysia is ranked 70 on the 2016 Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings, making it the highest ranking Malaysian university on the list.

Other universities who made the Top 200 rankings are University Putra Malaysia (121-130), Universiti Sains Malaysia (141-150) and Universitiy Kebangsaan Malaysia (161-170).

The rankings are compiled for higher education institutions on the continent of Asia, spanning Turkey in the west to Japan in the east.

Of notable interest is that China has 39 institutions in this top 200, the same as Japan, with South Korea third with 24. India, which if the “size of country” argument given about China is to hold any real water would also boast impressive figures, has just 16 – fewer than Taiwan (24), WEF reports.

Who made it into the Top Ten? Mainly universities from eastern Asia has triumphed over institutions from the west.


Source - Malaysian Digest

For the full list of THE Asia University Rankings top 200, you can read more about the detailed rankings here

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