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English Medium Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Program in China Universities

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is  is a discipline of engineering dealing with different manufacturing practices and includes the research, design and development of systems, processes, machines, tools and equipment. It is all about turning energy into power and motion through the design of clever mechanical systems and turn raw materials into a new or updated product in the most economic, efficient and effective way possible. Because it’s such a broad field, you could expect to find a Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineer almost anywhere that uses machinery.

1. Huazhong Univesity of Science and Technology, Wuhan


Bachelor Degree in Machine Design, Manufacturing and Automation


This program is aimed at establishing the fundamental knowledge and application skills of mechanical design and manufacturing, and nurturing talents in production engineering who will be engaged in design and manufacturing, research and development, application study, production management in the field of mechanical manufacturing.

Program Description:

This program is aimed at establishing the fundamental knowledge and application skills of mechanical design and manufacturing, and nurturing talents in production engineering who will be engaged in design and manufacturing, research and development, application study, production management in the field of mechanical manufacturing. It is undertaken by the School of Mechanical Science & Engineering (SMSE), which brings together the most talents and best equipment to present the professional instruction in English for the international students. The program is available for both undergraduate and graduate students, so that they would receive a complete and systematic training from the very beginning to the end. Besides, SMSE has set up a course structure special for the international students to meet the need of their requirements.

Main courses:

Engineering Graphics, Material Mechanics, Theoretical Mechanics, Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Machine

Design, Theory of Electrical Circuits, Analogue Electronics, Digital Circuits, Principle of Microcomputer, Mechanical &

Electrical Transmission Control, Engineering Materials, Fundamentals of Mechanical Manufacturing Technology.

The School of Mechanical Science and Engineering

Founded in 1953, the current School of Mechanical Science and Technology was known as the name of "the Department of Mechanical Engineering (1953-1987)" and "the First Department of Mechanical Engineering (1988-1992)" respectively. After several generations of unremitting efforts, well-equipped campus along with stimulating educational and research environment make SMSE one of the best known schools nationally and internationally. 

SMSE has now 291 faculty and staff, including 71 professors and 80 associate professors, among them there are 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 8 Changjiang Scholars, 2 Chief Scientists in the National 973 Program (State Key Fundamental Research Program in China), 5 Winners of the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, and 2 winners of "State Excellent Teacher".

One of the famous graduates Zhou Ji, the former Minister of Education of the People's Republic of China between 2003 and 2009, has studied at School of Mechanical Science and Engineering and spent his early career at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and now he is current President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Entry Requirements

  • Non-Chinese passport holders
  • High school graduation or equivalent to a Chinese high school graduate
  • Efficient English language skills (TOEFL 80 or IELTS 5.5).
  • With age 18 through 35.

Duration / Tuition Fee : 4 years / RMB 30,000 Per Year

2. Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing

Bachelor Degree of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering at BIT, ranking among the best among domestic universities, is a national program. 
This program, with mechanics and mechanical engineering as the main subjects, prepares students with basic theory and professional knowledge in mechanical engineering and industrial engineering together with scientific thinking methods and the ability to deal with science and technology problems. 
Graduates are mainly engaged in the manufacturing and digital development of mechatronic products and the design, planning and operation during the production of mechatronic products in the field of mechanical engineering and automation.

Program Description
Teaching Objective
The Mechanical Engineering Program enables students to use engineering principles, tools and technologies to identify and solve engineering problems in the field of mechanical engineering. The curriculum covers the fundamental aspects of design, analysis, and manufacturing of mechanical systems. Students will have the ability to develop various mechanical products, including vehicles, energy systems, and manufacturing systems.

Core Courses
Calculus, Chemistry, Chinese Language, Computer Science and Programming, Computer Science in Mechanical Engineering, Dynamic System Modeling and Simulation, Electrical and Electronics, Energy System and Design, Engineering Design Project, Engineering Economics, Engineering Graphics, Engineering Management, Engineering Materials, Engineering Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Internal Combustion Engine Design, Introduction to Mechanical Engineering, Linear Algebra, Machine Design, Manufacturing and Machine Tools, Mechanics of Materials, Physics, Principle of Control and Instrumentation, Probability and Statistics, Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Vehicle Structure and Design.

Internship and Career
The graduates of mechanical engineering program will have the ability to apply their knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to develop mechanical systems to meet desired needs within economic, environment, social, political, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability constraints.
Students will be able to work on multidisciplinary teams with effective communication, management, and leadership skills. Students will have knowledge of contemporary techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools to model, analyze, design and realize mechanical systems, components or processes. Graduates are qualified to work in automobile, aerospace, energy, and manufacturing industries.

Entry Requirements
  • Non-Chinese passport holders
  • High school graduation or equivalent to a Chinese high school graduate
  • Efficient English language skills (TOEFL 80 or IELTS 5.5).
  • With age 18 through 35.
Duration / Tuition Fee : 4 years / RMB 30,600 Per Year

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