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Study at a university committed to internationalisation. With approximately 22,000 students, (and more than 1,000 international students), Nankai University offers a modern and comfortable study environment in which to learn Chinese or undertake postgraduate study on a Master's programme, taught in English.

Nankai is a key multidisciplinary university with a complete curriculum that includes the humanities, natural sciences, technology, life sciences, medical sciences and the arts. The University harbours a strong belief in the equal importance of the sciences and the liberal arts.

University Library Services

As part of your orientation programme, you will be shown how to use the libraries and locate key resources. Nankai has four main libraries and a number of resource centres across its campuses. The university library collection totals 3,822,000 volumes and 30 terrabytes of e-books. There are a number of special collections and reference books to meet both academic and research needs and a book circulation service allows students to access the titles they need for a prebooked duration – minimising the number of textbooks students need to buy.

There are a range of online and digital resource centres specialising in different disciplines and quiet spaces set aside for private and group study.

Multipurpose "Smart" campus card

On arrival, you will be issued with a multi purpose smart card. This will not only act as your student ID, but also doubles up as an access swipe card for libraries and teaching buildings, a top-up credit card for campus canteens and supermarkets, which can also be used for city transport (buses, subways and taxis).

Computer facilities

When you arrive at the university you will be given an internet account which allows you access to over 100 library computers and the campus wifi.

Each school has a dedicated IT suite, which is available to students from Monday to Friday. There are wireless hotspots across the campus, including wifi zones in a number of the university’s cafés and bars – all offering free wifi for students.

Sports facilities

Nankai University has an olympic-size swimming pool and a well-equipped outdoor stadium and running track, as well as a range of soccer and basketball courts. There are over 100 tennis, table tennis and badminton courts for students to access.

You will also find the university has sports clubs to most tastes –including of course, high quality Kung-Fu and Tai Chi clubs.

Food on-campus

There are a number of different dining halls located all around the campus, serving many different types of Chinese food. There are also plenty of international restaurants near the campus, including halal and vegetarian cuisine. Please contact us prior to your arrival in China if you have any special dietary requirements or need specific information. Please note that the main diet will be Chinese food and students should understand that you are coming to live and learn in a Chinese culture and be ready to experience different foods and a different way of life.

Chinese food

Top research university

As the first private university in modern Chinese history, Nankai University is one of China's top research universities. It is consistently ranked in the top 20 universities in China and in the top 150 in the world.  Being a key member of the 211 and 985 project, Nankai University has prestigious graduates all over the world including two Chinese Premiers. 

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