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A unique insight into the world of work in China

As one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, China offers new and exciting career opportunities for those with the skills and experience to succeed.

Whether you intend to work in China or simply do business with Chinese companies, our masterclasses will enhance your employability. Small group sizes provide opportunities for group discussion and interaction with potential employers and business contacts in China.

What is a masterclass?

Masterclasses will take place during your China experience. Professionals from the foreign business community, including business professionals, lawyers and diplomats, will be joined by distinguished alumni from Nankai University; giving a unique insight into what it is like to work in China. Your future networks will develop as you learn more about working, living and doing business in China.

In 2012 and 2013, a wide range of international and Chinese companies, covering subjects ranging from diplomacy and education, to civil rights, finance and hospitality, delivered masterclasses.

Speakers included:

  • Paul Ashfar and AJ Song from, talking about starting their own online enterprise in China
  • Rose Chu, Project Manager and Consultant with Agile – 'Working with Chinese partners'
  • Alex Chan, Chinese Businessman – 'Chinese workplace principles'
  • Danil Kerimi from the World Economic Forum – 'The Hyperconnected world'

Networking opportunities

Speaker profiles

Iwannabuy is an online shopping site based in Beijing, marketed at expats living in China. The company was started from scratch in China by former British government lobbyist, Paul Ashfar, and AJ Song, a Chinese national. They have developed a strategy aimed at the ever-growing expat community in Beijing and Shanghai.

Rose Chu

Rose is a project management consultant from Hong Kong who has worked all over the world. She has a wealth of experience working and managing Chinese businesses, and has a great insight into working with groups of staff in China and Hong Kong as well as the west. She also runs a charity in China, helping rural communities by teaching basic business and organisational skills to local business owners.

Danil Kerimi

Danil is an alumnus of Nankai University, who now works for the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Danil’s masterclass, entitled ‘The Hyperconnected World’, goes into depth about the function of the World Economic Forum and NGOs in general and in China. A fluent Chinese speaker, he has a sizeable work experience in China

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