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In partnership with INTO University Partnerships Limited (INTO), a global education partnering organisation based in Brighton, United Kingdom, PREC Edu Services is pleased to offer additional 2 prestige universities in China to cater the education needs of international students who wish to further education in China. Below are some compelling facts why you should review your education needs and study in China!




  • 356,499 international students already study in China, 2,300 of which study at Nankai university and 1,000 at Dongbei university of Finance and Economics. Both Universities have student populations in excess of 25,000.
  • $400,000 INTO scholarship fund available for international students.
  • In 2011, more than 27,000 international students studied western medicine at degree and post graduate level in China.
  • Ranked top - studying abroad consistently ranks as one of the most influential CV credentials that employers look for. 
  • Studying in China will help you develop a range of competencies to match those needed by global organisations.
  • 93% of students benefited from networking opportunities provided by the INTO China programme.
  • 92% of students would highly recommend the INTO China programme.



  • World-class Universities with high levels of national prestige
  • Undergraduate and Graduate programmes validated by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and recognised internationally
  • English-medium taught programmes with no prior Chinese language required and the opportunity develop Chinese language skills 
  • Unrivalled student support services on the University campus, providing non-academic services from social programmes to counseling support
  • Internships and Masterclasses with leading public and private sector organisations
  • Benefit from studying with an international cohort of students
  • Chinese student mentors

Nankai University

Nankai University was founded in 1919 by the famous patriotic educators, Mr. Zhang Boling and Mr. Yan Xiu.A key multidisciplinary and research-oriented university directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Nankai University, is the alma mater of our beloved late Premier Zhou Enlai.

It is considered to be one of the most comprehensive universities with a wide range of courses. Nankai has developed co-operative relations with 300 colleges and research institutes in over 40 countries.

The University has 22 academic colleges, together with Graduate School, School for Continuing Education, Advanced Vocational School, Modern Distance Education School, all 12 categories.of covering literature, history, philosophy, classics, management, law, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, teaching and art Nankai University offers 80 undergraduate specialties (including 18 national characteristic specialities), 231 Master's programs, 172 Doctoral programs, 29 Post-Doctoral research stations and 27 authorized primary Doctoral specialties.

Currently, the University has the total enrollments of 24,305 students, including 12,873 undergraduate students, 8,156 master's candidates, 3,276 doctoral candidates, 2913 international students(till the end of 2013), 4,444 part-time adult students and 37,340 students on distance education program.

Nankai University - "Creating new opportunities"

Top 3 reasons to study at Nankai University

  • A member of the prestigious 211 and 985 groups
  • Ranked 11th overall in China (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2010)
  • Alumni include two Chinese Premiers. Alumina includes Zhou Enlai, the first PRC Premier, two Nobel Prize winners and many celebrated Chinese playrights, writers and historians

Study in China at a university committed to internationalisation. With more than 10,000 foreign graduates to date, Nankai offers a modern and comfortable study environment in which to learn Chinese or undertake Postgraduate study of a Master's degree, taught in English.

INTOtv - Studying at Nankai University

English-medium Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes at Nankai University

1. International Medicine MBBS

Study Medicine in China at Nankai University's six-year MBBS. The course aims to meet the high demand for qualified doctors by offering a combined Bachelor’s and medical degree programme for those with A-level or equivalent qualifications wishing to progress directly to medical training. Gain experience in the Clinical Skills and Simulation Training Centre and clinical placement at a leading Grade 3 Level A teaching hospital in Tianjin, China.

Start your MBBS degree at Nankai University in September 2016. Apply today and receive an offer. Learn and find out more about MBBS (Western Medicine) at Nankai Uiversity


2. MBA Master of Business Administration

The MBA at Nankai University is a two-year postgraduate degree that combines collaborative and interactive class-based study with short-term internships and a Master's thesis to produce the business management executives of the future.

Start your MBA Master of Business Administration at Nankai University in September 2016. Apply today and receive an offer. Learn and find out more about MBA Master of Business Administration at Nankai University


3. MA International Relations and Public Policy

Study a postgraduate degree at one of China's best ranked universities. Taught in English, Nankai University offers you the opportunity to study a MA International Affairs and Puplic Policy at Nankai University’s Zhou Enlai School of Government, designed to prepare graduates for a wide range of careers in the field of international relations. The programme provides the academic and analytical skills necessary to understand the contemporary world and the rapidly changing context in which international relations and foreign diplomacy are conducted.

Start your MA International Relations and Public Policy at Nankai University in September 2016. Apply today and receive an offer. Learn and find out more about MA International Relations and Public Policy


4. MA International Economics and Business

A postgraduate degree taught in English at a top-ranked Chinese university. Nankai University offers you the opportunity to study a Master's in International Economics and Business at one of China's oldest and most prestigious universities. Being taught entirely in English by fully qualified and experienced teachers. All of the coursework material is provided in English and you will be able to complete your exams and assignments in English. There are core modules of Chinese language as part of the curriculum that will allow you to develop new language skills whilst you study.

Start your MA International Economics and Business at Nankai University in September 2016. Apply today and receive an offer. Learn and find out more about MA International Economics and Business

Nankai University

Study at a university committed to internationalisation. With approximately 22,000 students, (and more than 1,000 international students), Nankai University offers a modern and comfortable study environment in which to learn Chinese or undertake postgraduate study on a Master's programme, taught in English.

Nankai is a key multidisciplinary university with a complete curriculum that includes the humanities, natural sciences, technology, life sciences, medical sciences and the arts. The University harbours a strong belief in the equal importance of the sciences and the liberal arts.

Scholarships at Nankai University

INTO offers generous scholarships to high achieving students.

INTO China is committed to supporting high achieving students from all backgrounds achieve their study goals through generous scholarships.

INTO China welcomes scholarship applications for all programmes and courses. If you are successful in being awarded a scholarship, it will be in the form of a partial tuition fee waiver. This will reduce the yearly cost of tuition fees for your studies, however the scholarship does not, and will not, affect your accommodation costs or additional day-to-day costs while you are studying.

Please note that applications for scholarships are very competitive,  therefore we encourage all scholarship seeking students to apply as early as possible.


Undergraduate degree (MBBS) scholarships

  • A limited number of scholarships are available for the undergraduate medical degree at Nankai University
  • Undergraduate MBBS degrees are 6-year programmes, a scholarship deducts RMB 10,667 per year from tuition fees (fees before deduction RMB 68,000 per year)

Scholarships are available on the undergraduate medical degree programme at Nankai University:

Postgraduate degree scholarships

  • A limited number of scholarships are available for postgraduate degrees at Nankai University
  • Postgraduate degrees are 2-year programmes, a scholarship deducts up to RMB 25,000 per year from tuition fees depending on course chosen (fees before deduction RMB 79,000 - 85,000 per year)

Scholarships are available for the following postgraduate degree programmes at Nankai University:


If you have any questions about scholarships to study in China or require any assistance with your scholarship application, please send us an enquiry.

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