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Pic10ABOUT THE MBBS (Western Medicine)

The Nankai MBBS is a six-year, English-medium programme designed to meet the high global demand for qualified doctors. If you have A-level or equivalent qualifications and want to progress directly into medical training, our combined bachelor and medical degree programme may be the right choice for you.

Medical degrees awarded by Nankai University are internationally recognised and validated by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Validated English language Chinese MBBS degrees are recognised in South Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan for local professional medical board examinations. 

An MBBS degree from Nankai is a primary medical qualification (PMQ) allowing direct progression into professional medical practice.

Students spend the first four years of the programme on-campus, followed by a two year placement at a leading Grade 3, Level A Chinese teaching hospital in Tianjin. This standard of hospital is the most advanced and best equipped in China. 

You will train alongside students from other medical colleges, resident physicians, general physicians and all levels of medical ward technical personnel.

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 Why choose this programme?

If you are a talented student graduating from high school and thinking of following a medical career, this programme offers you an affordable study option in terms of tuition and living costs – with full access to world-class university facilities.

Formal teaching sessions are complemented by practical sessions in specialist laboratories, giving you plenty of opportunity to practice and perfect essential day-to-day clinical procedures and techniques.

On graduation you will have the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitude required to practice medicine professionally in a patient-centred, multi-disciplinary environment. You will also be equipped for a career of life-long learning and professional development. 

Students on the MBBS programme at Nankai will experience:

  • first-class teaching
  • dedicated support from INTO student services
  • full access to on-campus facilities

Course description

Study Medicine in China at Nankai University's six-year MBBS. The course aims to meet the high demand for qualified doctors by offering a combined Bachelor’s and medical degree programme for those with A-level or equivalent qualifications wishing to progress directly to medical training. Gain experience in the Clinical Skills and Simulation Training Centre and clinical placement at a leading Grade 3 Level A teaching hospital in Tianjin, China.

A medical Bachelor's degree in China, taught in English, to prepare you for a career in medicine.

Every year more than 10,000 international students go to China to study medicine, most of them selecting an English-medium MBBS degree. Many of China’s medical universities are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world and are recognised for being at the forefront in the field of modern medicine.


What will I study?

The Nankai University MBBS is a six-year English-medium programme designed to meet the global high demand for qualified doctors by offering a combined Bachelor’s and medical degree for those with A-level or equivalent qualifications wishing to progress directly into medical training.

At the conclusion of the programme you will have:

  • demonstrated proficiency in basic clinical skills including: comprehensive clinical examinations of patients, appropriate diagnostic procedures, selecting treatment options, recognising and managing life-threatening conditions
  • acquired and demonstrated necessary attitudes to achieve high standards of medical practice and patient care including: regard to ethical and legal principles, application of an evidence-based approach to patient care, responsiveness to the needs and concerns of patients
  • developed an understanding of the work of other healthcare professionals partly through a cooperative approach to patient care on a training ward
  • the potential to undertake further training in any branch of medicine or medical science

Compulsory modules

Students will study the following modules

General Introduction to China
Basic Chemistry
College Physics
Basic Computer Applications 
Organic Chemistry 
Cell Biology
Systematic Anatomy 
Histology and Embryology
Innovation Research & Training
Introduction to Clinical Medicine
Medical Biochemistry 
Regional Anatomy 
Medical Immunology
Medical Microbiology
Medical Genetics

Medical Psychology
Medical Statistics 
Medical Ethics
Human Parasitology 
Internal Medicine
Operative Surgery
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Cancer biology
Clinic Skills Training
Emergency Medicine
Preventive Medicine
Dermatology and Venerology
Infectious Diseases
Evidence-based Medicine
Medical Interviewing
Family Medicine
Human Sectional Anatomy 
Medical Laboratory Animal Science
Medical Information Retrieval and 
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Basic First Aid Skills Training
Basic Nutrition and Dietetic Therapy
Rehabilitation Medicine
Clinical Phamacology
Specialized Lectures and Guidance Lectures (Discussion)
Clinical Nuclear Medicine

Where will I study?

Students will spend the first 4 years of the programme on-campus at Nankai University, with the final 2 years of clinical placement at a leading Grade 3 Level A Chinese teaching hospital in Tianjin China.

Clinical placements

Nankai University is affiliated to the Tianjin Union Medical Centre (UMC), established in 2002 as one of five medical centres in Tianjin. UMC is focused on strengthening the clinical skills of medical students and clinical care technicians. The training involves multi-disciplinary and multi-level clinical scenes teaching, surgical demonstration and operation training, international and domestic telemedicine education alongside a range of assessment methods. UMC plays a significant role in modern medical teaching and training in Tianjin. The centre also provides accredited training for:

  • US Heart Association emergency cardiovascular care
  • WHO disaster medical rescue
  • National emergency medical rescue
  • Tianjin standardised training for residents and general practitioners
  • Tianjin mini-invasive surgery

UMC is well equipped with specialist training rooms, including diagnostics, check- up, technical, CPR, ICU simulator, OR simulator, paediatrics, nursing, surgery and mini-invasive surgery, an OSCE station and a general practice office.

You will train alongside students from other medical colleges, resident physicians, general physicians and all levels of medical ward technical personnel.

This popular course will fill up quickly so apply now!


How do I qualify?

Academic requirements:A-level (or equivalent) grades BBB to include Maths, Biology and Chemistry. Final transcripts required.
English requirements:IELTS 6.0 or GCSE/iGCSE English grade B, or equivalent.
Additional requirements:In addition to academic grades, applicants will be assessed on the quality of their written application, their work and their voluntary experience.
Age:18 years and above


When can I start?

This is a 6-year programme.

Start DateTerm DatesFees
Sept 2016September to JulyRMB 68,000 per year
(approx £6,995 per year)
(approx US $10,635 per year)

Please note course fees are pegged against China RMB. Prices in other currencies are subject to currency fluctuations.

Tuition fees do not include:

  • Text books – RMB 1000+ per year (approx £100+ / US $164+)
  • Application fee – RMB 1,000 (approx £100 / US $164)
  • Registration fee – RMB 400 (approx £40 / US $64 approx)
  • Accommodation - find out more about our accommodation at Nankai University



In a rapidly-changing global economic environment, where it is increasingly important to understand the international perspective, a postgraduate degree gained outside your own country will be an invaluable asset on your CV.

The masterclasses delivered by leading professionals will enhance your knowledge of real life scenarios and ultimately contribute to your future employability and networking opportunities.

  • The world’s leading economy and a driver of economic opportunities in your own country and in China
  • Over the past 10 years, China’s economy has grown 7 times faster than America’s (316% growth vs. 43%)
  • Join the 328,330 international students already studying in China

Lifestyle: An ancient culture, modernising fast

  • By the end of 2012, there were 1.1 billion mobile phone users in China – double the combined numbPic6er of people in the United States and Japan
  • By 2020 it is predicted that China will account for 19% of the global demand for all luxury goods
  • More than 300 million people use blogs and social networking sites – that’s approximately the combined population of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom
  • China’s first Starbucks opened in 1999 – 14 years on, there are now 850 outlets across 70 Chinese cities
  • In the past year China has overtaken the UK to join the list of the world’s top five wine-consuming nations
  • Learn about China – living in China is the best way to learn about its fascinating culture, language (all students learn mandarin alongside their medical studies) and history whilst studying towards an internationally relevant degree
  • Embrace the exciting opportunity and experiences

This popular course will fill up quickly so apply now!

Contact Info

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