Overview of Study Abroad in China

Further education in China has been on up trend for the past decades. Further studies in China are fast catching up as world 3rd hottest study destinations right behind U.S. and UK which still remained as the 1st and 2nd position respectively among international students worldwide.

According to the latest statistics released by China Ministry of Education, the number of international students studying in China continues to climb, reaching 442,773 in 2016, came from over 200 countries and regions studying in China and putting it on track to reach its target of hosting half a million international students by 2020. 

The number of international students studying in China continues to climb, reaching 442,773 in 2016, according to new statistics from the Ministry of Education, and putting it on track to reach its target of hosting half a million international students by 2020.

Why China?

Some students said they came to study in China because they were attracted by the country's political and economic development. Coupled with an abundance of renowned colleges and universities that continue to gain international recognition as world top universities, China's educational system has produced many of the world's most brilliant minds of nearly every discipline. World leaders in Business, Mathematics, Astronomy, Martial Arts, Philosophy and more have studied in China, and make this a coveted location to study abroad.

Study in China allows you to learn about China's influential artistic and political culture, and its mixture of dense urban areas and rural farming villages. You can also be a part of the country's on-going vivid transformation from developing state - to first-world. There's no better time to take part in the boundless educational opportunities that China provides.

Below are the 4 obvious superiority why China is their choice:

1. Relatively low cost compared with developed countries


2. Diversity of universities and programs, compared with other Asian countries

  • 746 Chinese universities with 13 subject fields and 6 types of study
  • instructed in Chinese-medium as well as English-medium (selected courses in selected universities) 
  • wholesome on-campus life with fulfilling students activities 

3. More career opportunities


  • Rapid economic growth and ascending comprehensive national power of China
  • Foreign invested enterprises with many Fortune 500 companies already set up their regional HQs in major Chinese's cities

4. Opportunity to travel and acquire additional language skills

China is a vast and huge country and is the world most populated country with 1,370 million people, accounted for about 18.9% of the world's population living in this lively and exciting country home. If you go explore this huge country, you will discover many areas of China will astound you with colorful rural beauty, stunning sceneries and traditional lifestyles and cultures, while the all major metropolitan cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are likely to make your head spin with their sparkling bright lights and truly world-class city excitement. Study in China also provide great opportunity to pick up and learn the world top spoken language "Chinese Mandarin" or "Potunghua" hence provide an added advantage in career development and advancement. It is a lifetime reward and window to the world!

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