[Graduation Season] - President Li Witnesses our Graduation Campus News


June arrived with golden sun as well as the end of the student life for some, a period of mingled feelings: sorrow and joy. Graduates wearing gowns and caps are capitalizing on the last opportunities to mark down their images on campus.

On June 13, WHU’s leadership and celebrated scholars took photos with the graduates, a yearly activity that exhilarated the students. Most were eager to meet with “celebrities” of whom they had constantly heard about, but never seen in person., Among these were the Executive President, Prof. Feng Youmei, the Vice Chair of the University Council and Vice President, Prof. Wang Chuangzhong, Vice President Li Fei and other senior officials of WHU.

Of course, the most popular figure must have been our President, Brother Xiaohong, who went from one faculty to another to take photos with the graduates starting at 7 o’clock in the morning. When asked why they were so eager to take selfies with President Li, the students exalted the President as “talented, handsome and cute,” and they said, “He never rejects an invitation”. A student humorously pointed out, “It requires technique and luck to be able to take a shot with President Li, for you need to compete with so many students!”

Students gave high priority to graduation photos. At noon when the sun shone high up in the sky, the students at the Faculty of Medical Science still clustered around the statue of Chairman Mao for a snapshot. An undergraduate with an injured leg also returned on campus early in the morning. Apparently he would rather take photos in crutches than miss this solemn occasion. At the time of parting, the students did not refrain from confining their feelings. “The time flew before I knew it. Now I am about to step into society. Whatever is waiting ahead, I am going to try my best,” said graduate Yang Ting, a master degree student from the department of Art. He Shuo, graduate from the School of Law, gave an even more emotional expression: “WHU is the place I could criticize for years without allowing others to blame it for a second.”

Four years of campus life seemed condensed in one photo. Both the President and students seemed to be radiating with happiness.


Jia Tianyu from the First School of Clinical Medical Science had missed her photo-taking with the classmates because of the TOEFL exam, but now President Li “compensated” her absence by volunteering for a picture. He then encouraged her to study abroad.


After graduation, everyone needs to move foward.


A cartoon bearing great resemblance to President Li was created by students from the School of Pharmacy.


“I am so delighted to witness their development,” exclaimed President Li.

(Rewritten by Jingyi Zhang, edited by Diana & Sijia Hu, Source - Wuhan University)

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