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College English Department provides programs that have served freshmen and sophomores of more than 40 majors at QDC. We have a desire to improve students' English skills for academic, career, or personal goals, and to provide cultural perspective to their studies.

Our Missions

We aim at providing English language learners with skills for academic and career success. Besides, students will learn to explore their research abilities, and develop critical and analytical thinking skills.

Curriculum Philosophy

Our curriculum is based on a communicative approach to language learning, and our courses are learner-centered rather than teacher-centered. As such, we view the instructor' s role as that of a guide, facilitator, coach and mentor. In this capacity, instructors will allow students to shape the content and direction of courses as much as is feasible within the stated objectives/guidelines set for each class as outlined in the instructor's manual. In addition, instructors in our program will be aware of and take into consideration individual personality and learning style difference as well as other affective factors.


  • Audio-visual English
  • Extensive and intensive reading
  • English listening
  • English writing
  • English grammar
  • College spoken English
  • College English translation


  • Teaching-and-learning center
  • Language-testing center
  • Extracurricular guidance center

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