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QDC is proud to have on-campus students from more than 20 nations. Our campus is well equipped with convenient facilities, such as stores, cafeterias, dining halls, gymnasiums, medical centers, stadiums, etc. 

Students can get involved in existing campus activities. Also, living expenses in Qingdao are lower than those in big metropolitan cities.


The library holds a collection of 950,000 books, over 1,370 different newspapers, and many other items, covering social and natural sciences.

International Exchange Center  

International Exchange Center is made up of offices, restaurants, classrooms and dorms, and here you can dine, study and relax yourself without having to go outside.

.COM & .CN Restaurants

Located in the International Exchange Center Building, .COM and .CN are great places for meals, snacks or a coffee during the day.

Dining Halls

They provide a variety of home-style dishes and entrees with an international flair. Our dining halls provide three meals a day, and many Chinese foods and various flavor snacks are served. .COM & .CN restaurants, located in the International Exchange Center Building, are great places for lunch, snacks or coffee during the day. You can be sure to satisfy your appetite!

Student Activity Center

It includes Performance Halls, Multi-functional Meeting Rooms, Make-up Rooms and Dancing Training Halls, where you can enjoy wonderful performances.

Animation Building

It is mainly used as the Animation Industry Base. Besides, there are also some career pioneering bases for students of our college, where they are encouraged and trained to start their own businesses in college.

Arts  Center  

The arts center consists of exhibition hall and arts studio which is composed of animation studio, ceramic art studio, 3D print studio and material model studio.

 The pottery studio opens selective course during which students can learn to make potteries. Teachers create ceramic crafts in their leisure time and their works are displayed here. In the firing area, there is a electrical kiln, which is the biggest now in China.

 With huge investment, the animation studio has been equipped with Apple integrated computers, hand-painted board screen and an Objet 30 3D printer that is worth RMB 500, 000. Covering the basic needs of diversified producing, Objet 30 greatly improves working efficiency and can quickly print the most complicated 3D mould in high quality and precision. By conducting its main function of animation, the studio has realized the "integration of production, academy and research" teaching model. At present, the studio is engaged in producing an original 2D animation.

Internship Bases  

Qindao College has established nine on-campus internship bases, including the Engineering Training base I& II, NABA Arts Center, Animation Training Center, etc. Maintaining good relationship with the local enterprises, such as Haier Group, Hisense Group, Qingdao Qingzheng IBMNET Electric Ltd. and so on, Qindao College has also established 81 internship bases which have been equipped with world standard instruments to meet the requirements of practical teaching.

 The training bases, with a capacity of more than 800 students, have been equipped with 58 processing machine tools, including CNC lathes, machining centers, CNC electrical discharge machines, coordinate measuring machines, etc. There are also kinds of international-level welding equipments, including laser welding and cutting machines, welding robot, gas welding machines, etc.

 The training bases have established an independent practical teaching system which combines the cultivation of students' practical ability with skill qualification training. Meanwhile, by integrating student practical training with external programs,  the training bases will be turned into a multi-functional practical teaching base which provides Qindao College the opportunities open to the society and local enterprises.

Accommodation & Catering  

Living on campus can be great for students who never lived out of home before. There are altogether 18 Dormitory Buildings (including the International Exchange Center Building and the Animation Building), offering comfortable accommodations for students.

Medical Center  

The medical center is available for all on-campus students from home and abroad, where they have access to a number of health services.

Sports, Recreation & Fitness Center

Our Gymnasium includes Indoor Basketball Hall, Badminton Hall and Free-Combat Training Hall, and here you can show your talent in sports. The Fitness Center includes Fitness Center, Spinning, Table Tennis Hall and Yoga Classroom, and here is the venue for your body building. Among many other sporting facilities, we have the swimming pool, the outdoor climbing wall, the tennis courts, the basketball courts, the sports grounds, the football fields, etc.

 The college gym covers an area of 4,327 square meters and contains four floors, including strength training room, aerobic training room, spinning room, Yoga room, aerobic exercise room, etc. It is devoted to classes of Yoga Club, Table Tennis Club, Fitness Club and other kinds of after-class activities.

Contact Info

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