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Computer Science and Technology

 It introduces students to an in-depth study of the principles of computation and software design approach. The main courses include: C-Language Program Design, Discrete Mathematics, Object-oriented Programming, (Java, C++) Software Engineering, etc. Students should be able to explain and apply the basic methods from programming languages to analyze computational systems, and to generate computational solutions to abstract problems.

Graduates are likely to gain employment as specialist programmers, system designers, consultants (internet, security, computer graphics etc.), project managers, industrial and academic research scientists.

Electronic Information Engineering

 An integrated introduction to electronic engineering and computer science is offered in this major, taught with the aid of substantial laboratory experiments. Students learn to appreciate and use the fundamental design principles of modularity and abstraction in a variety of contexts and to make mathematical models of real systems. 

Graduates are qualified for jobs concerning electronic product development, electronic information processing, embedded software design of electronic products in electronic data processing or manufacturing industry.

Major courses include the Circuit Principle, Digital Electronic Technology, the Exploitation of Java Technology, Principle and Exploiting Technology of Embedded System, etc.

Electronic Information Science and Technology

 The major is designed to train professionals with solid knowledge of math and physics, basic theory and methods of electronics and information systems. Students learn computer application technology through scientific research experiments and graduates in this major are capable of design, development, maintenance in the IT industry, networks, etc. 

The major courses include: Mechanics, Electromagnetics, Electronic Design Automation, Electronic Measurement and the C-language Program Design, etc.

Information Management and Information System

 Most IT expenditure in originations involves enterprise-wide support various business functions. This expanding use of information systems has created many challenges for the business community. The focus of the information management and information systems is to address those challenges in development, implementation and management of these systems. 

This major has a strong practical focus to prepare graduates for work. Major courses include Economics, Accounting, Financial Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP system), etc.

 Software Engineering

 The study of software engineering explores the design, construction and engineering of large, complex software systems, which meet information processing challenges, subject to constraints such as cost, time and risk management. In their fourth year, students can develop skills in group management and dynamics, along with professional communication skills such as technical writing, documentation and presentation. 

The major courses include: Basic Program Design, Object-oriented Programming (JAVA), NET Client Terminal Frame, Net Distributed Computing Technology, etc.

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